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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I want to marry you and have our own little babies :)

Back to blogging! Last few post are more Pictures than words :b Have been outing with Teresa'sis and boyfriend almost everyday (: I really enjoy my life now not like pass~~~ Anyway Will be starting my new joy this sunday, hope everything will be fine ! Jiayous~ And ofcause jiayou for my dear boy. He's having his last exam this friday! Hey dear! don't stress up la! Relex and everything will be fine (: Ai de gu li ! MUACK !

This few days im so into Thai song ! Suddenly i feel thai song oso not bad leh, haha! Found some nice one on youtube, you guys can tell me isit nice anot k! Do enjoy! (All from 'four mod')


Ok, i shall end here, Bye !

w.k: tagged =) jys ar !
xiaovass: Tks tagging !

w.k: tagged =) dont be lazy luh=/
xiaovass: Im not! :x

w.k: tagged =D jys revive your blog ar!
xiaovass: No much reader liao T^T

Miki: This is cute (: hehehe, your bf is so cute leeh ^^
xiaovass: Thankyou cutie ;D ! hahahs....

Saturday, 27 August 2011

PHOTO SPAM AGAIN !!! This time really alot :x I spend nearly 1h to upload all the pictures in blog and facebook ! My hand is mad tired ~ :c Anyway hope you will enjoy the pictures as for me, i really enjoy those days with boyfriend and Teresa'sis ;D Now enjoy the pic and it will lead you to my pass few days tales C;

Worn the same dress with Teresa's! Do we look alike? Hahaha!

Hello kitty ring! Mine is red and sis is black :b Love it!

Cam with sis while on the way to MBS (:

I swear the food over there and view and fucking nice !

Cam and more cam :D

Off to Costa Sands Resort Sentosa with boyf , Teresa & her boyf for over night yst ;D ofcos, CAM ! ^^

Me and boyf Teresa'sis alone, haha!

Random pic.

OK! im done here (: hope you enjoy your 'trip' ;D BYEs!

w.k: wei wei anyone here?
xiaovass: IM HERE ! :D

w.k: who say 23rd update de ar !!! TAGGED stay alive lei!!
xiaovass: Sorry lar! heheee....

Miki: Your blog... O_________O
xiaovass: I will change the skin asap! Ps*

Wk: tagged stay alive !!!
xiaovass: Im ALIVE !

w.k: tagged =D jys
xiaovass:Xiexie ;D

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Warning~ Photo spam incoming !

Im kinda lazy to type all out, so pictures shall do most of the talking (: Anyway! i have been working for the past 4 days.. In a event jobs. What we did is hang balloons on every door outside, if you go Stomp you shall see it! All done by us! hahaha~. Really fun and easy job i could say, the pay is like shiok ttm! We start at 11 end at around 2plus, 3h=60bucks 1h=20bucks ! Like cool only right? Heees* I shall cam it the last day, and tell you guys what, everytime i work i only could say a line, Wow~ i see so many balloons! :D

Pictures time ;

Wait ~ Let me Zilian abit first ;D

Meet teresa/sis to Hougan on 18Aug even bough a same dress with her ! Cam in bus and had 3 mini pic with her! Love it, chio ttm! hahahahs..... Look below ! (pointing down*)

Chio righ! HAHAHA~

By her and by me :D

Off to Bugis with her agin on 17Aug, I call her to pei me go shop! Ended up is she shop -.-! cui~ After shopping beening DRAG by her to have STEAMBOAT for dinner ! Totally full ttm :z


Home cam and Tata~ Im done here ;D