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Friday, 30 September 2011

Tired, shall take a break. Will return back to posting once everything is back to normal (:
Do continue leave tags i will reply once back to blogging ! Take care, Love you guys ! ♥

Saturday, 24 September 2011

xiaovass says: I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day

Back to posting yea ! HELLO earthings :D Yeayeayea~ I havent sleep , its going 4am soon! and me.... abit sleepy ler, shall blog hao ju go sleep le bar :D Alright shall let my story start... Sweet enough for Elson, huiluan and wenkai to come find me at 21th (: Meet them for lunch then to under blk chaichat, elson was like in Kbox! keep singing :x Up to my hse with them at 7plus for dinner >> Bathe >> bus to elson'hse. And her baby cousin was damn cute ttm ! (L) Chat and watch show >> Leave at 10plus >> Chicken wings with wenkai at near by coffee shop >>home (:

Stay at home the whole day at 22th! TIll 12plus midnight meet Celina under my blk, and the funny part is we saw a Bangala doing 'handjob' his own in the public sia!!! Like sick only lar-'- Celina was like 'omg! i saw ..... faster walk! faster walk!!' Then we ran... :x HAHAHAH! And trust me, she cant stop talking about it till today! (faint~*) Waited for Ken and kelvin down.... Till 3plus they when home >> home myself used computer for shows>> sleep (:

Today slept till 2plus was bening shout by mum so loudly that i got bo choose have to 'crawl' out bed T^T. When to bathe and com! Preparing outing at the time of 5 and out at 6. Meet weiwei in AMK hub at 640 end up we both oso late. Haha~ Bought ticket and off to out dinner. I just got the feeling of being cheat, hor weiwei ?? After dinner shop around and off to movie at 945 ! Caught 'Fright Night' Rated 3/5 To me is hai hao only :x But not bad le lar, let out weida de weiwei pei me watch horror movie :D After show>> Cab down to Zirong hse meet celina they all>>homed. Alright! im done now, Sleeping soon le. Goodnight ♥

Thanks weiwei for this lovly earplug (: HELLO KITTY somemore ley! (L)

Got myself a new sunglasser (: very much in love with this once i saw it! Pretty mar ? (wink~*)

Cam with my new glasser ((:

Cynthia Luvs: Hey dear, take good care of your body, don't be foolish yeah ^^
xiaovass: Tks babe! :D

XiaoAikiko: I'm here to taggggggggg~
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Elson: uu link my name also wrong lo..nn link s elson thks:)
xiaovass: Ok lar ! haiyo~ :x

Elson: linked uu le horx:) nn im here to tagged:)
xiaoavass: Yep! Alrigh!

Miki: Teehees~~ love, tagged!!!
xiaovass: Tks sweetie! (L)

Miki: Heeeyyy (: Dun be sad lah, I know there's so much things happen, just take a deep breath and look up to the sky and say "Everything's gonna be alright!"
xiaovass: Thankyou ! ^^v

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


After not posting for so many days or weeks :x Im back to bloging (: . This few days happend so many things that i just feel like running away from this world. Boken up with boyfriend and im back to single life now. Was send to Changi Hsp on sunday night due to overdose med and wrist cutting. Going post out the whole process and after today i will keep in mind that im going to live in a better life then now. Kk....I know i was too foolish to do that but..... Ok whatever..

Back to topic, parent and Wenkai send me to hsp at the night of 10plus(i guess) A&E to clean and dress my hand before when to stomach cleaning(idk how say lar!) As long as they instored a tube through the nose then all the way in the stomach to stuck out all the med inside. I swear the process was F*CK hurt ttm-'- Vomited and my tears was like flooding not stop. After that was send to wards to rest. For the pass 2 days over 6-7times of blood was redrawed(more then 20tube of bloods) countless check up and 7pack of glucose insart and not forgetting those yucky med. And i swear i will never forgot this days. Never. Blueblacks was all over my arms and hand cause for the blood redraw and Mingteck said the doctors sure fail as there should't be blueblacks while sucking the blood out unless its done wrongly-.-!

(pointing down!~) Can i like sue them !? They keep redraw the blood form me like free one sia!!! And the worst parts is before discharge they do one last time blood test. So they redraw 2 tube for blood from me again and sent to lab. But the used me a mouse to test their new banned.. Fail to stuck out the blood and the needle was stuck in my veins! Hurt ttm can! Even the 2 doctor anxious at there keep shout 'i cant find the vein! it just sink down, HOW!?' Omg la~ you're doctor leh!(faint~) At last they stuck 2 tube like finnally. But 10mins later another doctor say they kinda like lost one tube of my blood need redraw again. Then 30 min later say still cant find so the prepaing to redrwa that time 1 doctor came in running say they fond liao. I was like WTF !? can you just treat my blood in a proper care!? Pain ley! (cries~)

Ouch Ouch Ouch ~!! Anyway i would like to Thanks very much to Wenkai for being there through out the days and even night!.. And not forgetting those who came down to visited me ; Huiluan, teresa, ming teck and Lien ;D And last but not least though who spam text/call and cares about me de lovly friends. Celina, Sky, Weiwei, Felicia, Jonathan, Nicholas, Kirbyzxc ect.... :) And my that sweet Teresa was so cute enough to bought a lovly flower down along with Sushis and chocolates! Love you ttm la ♥♥♥ !

Dischaged after 2 days, was like FREE! Super sick of not allow to move about and laying in that bed for hours ): When to Tm after got home, change and out HAHA! Oso tks to wenkai, huiluan, mingteck and lien pei me discharge too ! Had KFC for lunch(i eat beehoon in hsp yet still kana force to eat kfc! :x) And to Ming teck hse chill while waiting for Wenkai to reach.. play with his 5 cute baby hamster ! Off to Cs catch 'Johnny English Reborn' rated 5/5! MUST WATCH ! I never laugh so much through out the whole movie!! HAHA! After movie meet Teresa chill about and home! Alright im done with my super long post! And after today i will never look back to the pass and im going to live happy and enjoynable cause i know those who cares about me will be hurt if i continue like this. :)

My 2 lovlys (L)

Hey boy!
Amitting i still love you even up to now, i never ever think of hateing you. Don't ask me why cause i don't even know the answer myself. I always told you that you're a very special guy to me and i think that's the reason why i love you so much. Since you choose to let go i got nothing to say too, Take care yourself more and rest well too alright? Im sorry for not being a caring enough girlfriend and always let you come down find me when you're tired. I will always be here waiting. Or i should i say somewhere .... (: and lastly


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Check out what time now ! It's 5.20 AM and im still right awake feel not sleepy at all -_-! And the worst part is i got Fever + sore throat + running nose + coughing .. What can get worst -.-! But lucky today off :b Alright! Shall do some posting over here and today's post shall be about my Horoscope!

I'm Sagittarius !

Type: Sun sign
Eement: Fire
Ruling planets: Jupiter
Symbol: The Archer
Stone: Turquoise
Life Pursuit: To live the good life
Vibration: Overly expressive - frequent burnouts
Sagittarian's Secret Desire: To make a difference in the world

The one that represent:

Good Sides-
Jovial and
straight forward

Dark Sides-
Blindly optimistic

Getting to the heart of the matter
Laws and their meanings
The general 'feel' of things

Unsupported theories
Being tied down at home
Being limited in any way
Waiting around

Best Match Libra - They like your spirit of adventure & their friendship is exciting.
Worst Match Virgo - Serious, controlling Virgo's always try to posses you while you're upbeat & need freedom.

People 'U' Like: Outgoing, optimistic, open & forthright.
People 'U' Dislike: Too serious, those who take advantage of others.

Born between December 12 and December 21 If the person is born between these days, the planetary ruler is Sun. The person born in this decan would be intuitive, impressive, accurate and loyal in dealings. The person would achieve the ambitions boldly and dramatically. The decan is of achievement and publicity.

Description About a Sagittarius
Sagittarians are well-suited as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, import-export traders and thrill seekers. is optimistic and full of life. You are adventurous, energised and an extrovert. A Sagittarians continue to have a positive outlook even when their ideas are put down. They are always on the side of the underdog. They have good judgment and enjoy starting projects. They have a nagging need to feel free, which can get them into trouble. they also tend to be impatient.

Some wonderful facts about Sagittarius -:
‎#Sagittarius will love you even more if you send them good morning and cute messages during the day/night.
#Sagittarius dont want just to believe the rumours, they check the person out
‎#Sagittarius are owls at night.
#Sagittarius may be in the big crowd, but they also like to have an alone time with that somebody.
‎#Sagittarius sees many things when everyone else is too blind to see it.
‎#Sagittarius will smile that makes you think it's real when it's not. They still are not happy inside.
A #Sagittarius woman,will always seek out the truth of a situation and then expresses it fearlessly by calling a spade a spade.
‎#Sagittarius can be too nice to keep some things to themselves, if you cross the line and then you'll be in trouble.
#Sagittarius dislike Lazy, boring, nonadventural, grouchy, rude, a flirt, lying, and nonloving is not what they want in a relationship.
#Sagittarius gets angry, they don't think things through &usually mess things up. If they care, they will fix it.

Sagittarius-Libra Compatibility
The similarity in the nature of a Sagittarius and a Libra will help the relationship. the outspoken and freedom loving nature is found in both and helps in building compatibility for them. A Sagittarius man takes his decisions in haste where as a Libra woman has a cautious approach and thinks about the positive as well as negative aspects before taking a decision. Such a nature will greatly help a Sagittarius move in the right direction and take correct decisions.

Sagittarius Woman – Libra Man Compatibility

Sagittarius woman & Libra man have quite a few similar characteristics that help in building compatibility between them. Sagittarius woman want to have more freedom in their life, are people who want to have more interaction with other people and have the urge to explore different things. These features are also found in Libra man and helps in developing a good relationship.

Sagittarius woman are of adventurous nature and are prone to taking decisions which are not correct, here the balanced & cautious nature of a Libra man will help her. As we can see there are few similarities in the character of both person’s which will help them in building compatibility and a healthy relationship.

Both like socializing and interacting with others and would never have jealousy problems as that is not part of their nature. A Sagittarius woman will be able to attract a Libra man by her free thinking and extrovert nature. These similarities will help them in building a successful relationship. Libra man will learn how to become creative in things he does and attain higher spontaneity in his work.

Every relationship is built upon mutual understanding and adjustments, if both the zodiac signs can do this then there will be no problems in their relation. What they will have to do is show more commitment towards there partner and this will help in building confidence between them. This way they will be able to easily handle and solve any minor differences they face in their viewpoints.

Now do you know me better ? Hahah... Shall rest now. Goodnight! :D

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Miki: Btw.. work hardddd =DD so you could get 1400 or maybe moreeee ^^~ wow you can buy everything you want (;
Miki: Oh :O okaayy (: if I have time I will visit you there ~
xiaovass: Alright! Hope to see you there ! Yep will JY for my pay de ! Tks babe! (L)

Miki: I got a little bit confused lah
Miki: Uuuhh... exactly where's your work place?? I mean I know what's BHG but you know, SIngapore got thounsands of them so...
Miki: TAGGED !
Miki: where do you work arhh??
Miki: Hehehehehe (:
xiaovass: At Centry Square ! Tks tagging pretty!

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Monday, 12 September 2011

xiaovass: I doesn't want to be the only girl in your life...I just wants to be the only one that matters.

My blog is so DEAD~ Shall update a few lines of words to keep it alive :/ As in HELLO EARTHINGs! How's your day doing ?! Nowadays im soooo busy with my working time ): But lucky things is my work is more and more slacking ;D And not to say i do enjoy my job more and more ! Meet new friends and joke around the shop was way better then rotting at home ! Somemore i got pay in work not at home :x HA! But for this month im only counted at part time and the pay, trust me suck ttm :c 5buck per hr ! But full time is $1400 per mth. If you go count you will see that full time got extra 0.8buck. HAHA!

Meeting my dear Teresa sis for luch just now and in the noon i got call from Augustine'mongo bro !!! Omg~ He called and say he and some classmate missed me! How touching, meet up soon yea! :DD Alright, I shall stop here (: Byes !


Friday, 2 September 2011

xiaovass say: My smile, my tears, my laugh, my pain. You're the reason behind all of them.

Happy First Month Anniversary !
Hey dear, i love you so much ! :D
Sorry im late to post out :x Anyway JiaYou for your exam as well!

Happy Teacher's Day for all !
Really piss off by today outside Btss ! -'- When back to Btss today, early woke up at 9plus and reach there at 10plus with Sky and Zhaojie. But was told to go in only at 1130, So go mac slack abit then back to school. But ended up we cant go in due to colourd hair ! Like what the fuck can ! Chai Chee sec de peopl can go in with colourd hair and slipper but Bts de students are not allow to ! Stand under the hot sun for nearly 2h still kan polica come scree us. Like what the hell only lor ! Super upset and angry by the school! But lucky miss Hao came out and least we could took some pictures with her and the wushu mates. Miss them so much ! Check out the pictures below ! (pointing downward~*)

Meet up with Sky first, Cam ofcos ! ;D

Misss hao, my fav teacher :)

Group pics! All wushu team-mates ! Miss them so much! ;D

After around 1plus off to Mac for lunch then to Bugis with, Zhaojie, Sinyi and Guanhui. Meet boyfriend at Bugis too! Saw Kaixing and bump into xiaowei, wanghong, ahqin, michelle and kunqin @ Iluma ! Cam with Ahqin and Michelle too!

My two sweet girls !

After leaving them we when hunting for Zhaojie things then Bus to hse nearby for dinner, up to myhse to wait for Celina and ken to reach. Slack till 1.30am with celina and ken to im home! A last a real proper post ^^ Hope you guys enjoy, Goodnight! ;D

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