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Friday, 28 October 2011

xiaovass: The longer i'm away from you, I realize i wasn't in love with you, I was in love with the thought of loving you.

Have been working 8days non stop~ tired ttm i could say but i bet my this mth pay will be high! Hahaha~ I want go shopping ! This mth i dint have the chances and cash to shop so shall shop till drop next mth! But before i could do that i need return money to friends first. Cries~ i own ppl money liao T^T Ok fine~ anyway, tody i off ! So~ later going enjoy my night with Teresa sis for Halloween hunter hse ! ^^ ok shall end now, i know ts short but at least its srh right!? hehehs. byes !

Miki: have a nice ahead
Miki: TAG!
xiaovasss: Tks lovie!

Miki: HEY I changed url again, sorrryyy " but please relink again, thanks ya ♥
xiaovassSure no pro (:

Pig♥: I miss you... Alot...
xiaovass: I know who are you (:

w.k: tagged (: u make me wanna try the milk tea too
xiaovass: You should ! Its nice !

Miki: You're tagged, honey http://pinkmonchichi.blogspot.com/2011/10/fun.html (:
xiaovass: Re-linked! ;D

w.k: haha fun day siol bo jio =(
xiaovass: Wushu de leh ! hahah~


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

xiaovass: 有时候,遗忘,是最好的解脱;有时候,沉默,是最好的诉说

SUPSUP ! Cutted my fring short, like xiao mei mei only right ! Arrg~ nbm wait it growth longer ju nice le!(i hope so~) Shall update my blog today since it look so die:x Hey not i dont want to update k ! is i have nth to post about :x Ok~ shall skip those crappy stuffs and bock to todays podt (: When down to Btss near by de old folk center to help out in Wushu CIP. I miss them ttm can ! Be a photo women for them today and snapped alot pic :D Shall let pic to all the talking. Enjoy~ ^^

Solo music and malay dance from the start. i love the malay dance! hahah~

Out dear Kaixiong singing~ Cool bro ! i don't have the guts to do that :b

Up next with wushu perform !

Follow up by 'do together' taiji HAHA! the aunty in purple and red top is funny to the max ! she say this like doing disco dance. laugh~~

Milo and cake serve from BTSS. (:

Group picture who those taken part in this CIP!

Ended with BTSS wushu club photo !

Alright ! im done. BYE ! :D


Thursday, 13 October 2011

xiaovass: I just want his friends to look at me, and say, "Damn, you really screwed up letting her go." (:

SupSup !! All lovely humans :D Shall have a short update of my blog before it dieeeee :'O Alright~ let me recall back first, ........thinking in process ........ AH !
I have been working for the pass 2 days, Tue; start work at 1030 ended at 4pm. Meet sky'sweetheart at Tm drag him pei me go buy shoes. Due to my playfulness i keep jump and press my heels i broken the heels part-.-! Yea, pro right. I was like damn~! I bought this heels the day before work leh and not its spoiled. Will go repair asap, i dont want trow :b cause its damn nice, shall snapshot alright^^

Thur woken up at 1130, when to bathe and off to work at Far east plaza ! Raining cats and dogs made far east even colder._. like a freezer you mei you ! Reload and packed new stocks, my partner leaves at 4 and im alone till 9. Cries~ I cant use phone much but tks Jin raymond for peing meet texted the whole day End work at 930 off to my hse meet raymond under blk till 11 then billy came. Have chicken wings ! Yummy max~ Chat and sing songs ! That si billy force me to learn 'balloons' like so hard can ? (he cant even sing himself :b) Home at 1plus, com till 4 then Sleep :D

Today OFF ! (Y) But woke up at 9 plus when to see doctor, Althought i when to see doctor for my eye thingy yet i skip my Hsp check up :x After seeing doctor when to cut my hair ! The person when cut my hair she cut till my frings too short le la ! like side bang you mei you ! How i go out see ppl la T^T. When to get new lens and mom is so nice to pay for me ! Got a pink one Home, bath and now com ! Ok, im done here. what a wordy post right ! laugh~ BYE sweeties !TATA ~

Monday, 10 October 2011

xiaovass: When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a boy is in love, you can see it in his eyes

Tml start working lorrr~~ After 2 weeks plus MC im ready to work ! Will be at Cs from 1030 - 4 ! Catch me there ohh ^^ Well lets talk about my pass 2 days. When out with Jin to far-east there, Shop around and dinner first before when to movie. Watch 'Real steel' rated 4/5! Super nice and cool ttm can~ i love the boxing robot, hahaha! After movie bus home, and there's a war 3 awiting for me -'-!

Bought this super big cotten candy at 1.50buck! Cheap and big ttm! (the shape is abit ... emm... :b)

Cam with Jin (: He so alike girl right ! :DD

Solo pic for him! (:

Today meet my dear Teresa'sis at 1plus to bugis! When for photo shooting first then SteamBoat for lunch cum dinner !! Super long time dint eat steamboat with her le, like more then 3-4mths le bar(?) We eat from 5-8! Super full you mei you ^^ I really dk when normal i eat very less but when come to steadboat i can eat like super alot, hours i mean ! AHAHA~ like a hugry ghost :b After eating = shopping time ! When shopping with her then home at 10plus!

Cam with my babe !

See! so many things right ? This is just the begaining~ We too busy eat dint take much pictures :P

2 solo pics for both of us (: Damn! i look so CUI and like a small little girl !

Raymond: i am here -DD
xiaovass: Im thereee~ hahah!

Miki: Sexyy and prettyy ^^~
xiaovass: Neh im not (:

wk: tagged nice blue dress =)
xiaovass: Tks (:

Saturday, 8 October 2011

xiaovass: Life is all about change. Sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's beautiful. But most of the time it's both.

Tell you guys what, yst when i went out i worn a blue flower dress(First picture*) When at night i worn another dress(2nd Picture*) Note* Not i bring 2 dress out for fun is my dress torn while shopping and i have to buy a new dress to change !! Like what the hell can ? It was my most Paiseh day ever. [Faint*] When out to Tm with Teresa'sis! Has been weeks since we last when out together, I miss her so much ! And now we are looking for clothes and heels for Nov club event !

Zenith Productions Brings Forth:
Club "Prom" Series [1] YourPartyClimaxSensation
@ PowerHouse
@17th November 2011
Doors open at 9.30pm till 4.30am LATEE
HEY BROS AND SIS! Its end of your exams and now it's time to party rock the stage! We're gonna present you the PartyClimaxSensation bringing you the maximum lift of party! We only want to see partyCLIMAX and nothing else in you!! There's NO EXCUSE to laze on your bed! So come on down to St.James PowerHouse at 17th November! It's POWERMAX DAY! Reservation of tickets are going at $25SGD

Club "PROM" 2011 YourPartyClimaxSensation
Thursday, November 17 at 9:30pm, St. James Powerstation, Powerhouse

You can get tickets from celina @91997645 or Ken @98258127 ! OR simply leave a tag in my chatbox i will get the tickets for you! Hurry~ dont miss it! Or you will miss the fun and regeat for lifes !! See you guys there ! :D

Well, i just cant wait for the event, it will be my first time down clubbing with sisters ! Yes, you dint see wrong, its my first clubbing, i dont go club de ok ! Ayway, Me and sis when shops around and had our dinner at Pasta Maina! YUMMY~ Sky'sweetheart came find mw and we when shops sgain~ And there the worst moment, my dress torn-.-! I think i hook till something ba ? Not really sure what the heck happens to my dress. All i did is arm my 2 lovly and rush down to Cs to get a new dress. And end up i bought de dress is too cluby ._.! Oh well! whatever~ Cam with mu dear sis for cause ! How can i miss such chance ?! Laugh~

Cam and more cam ^^v Late night when oven to sis hse pei her pack her stuffs and trust me ! Her room is like World war lll can !! Walao~ such a pretty girl yet such a messy room! (she's ganna kill me is she saw this :b) hahaha~ Tks her for cabbing me to lakeside MRT and off i when to Jin's hse. Ton overnight and home at today's morning. Alright! i done my updating, signing off now, BYEs !


XiaoAikiko***: type wrong name. Ps
xiaovass: Hahah! Cute sai you 135 !

Xiaio: 135, I miss you!!!!
xiaovass: I miss you too ! :D

Miki: kidding~ same here ):
xiaovass: Smile*

Miki: Go and see my FB! I am there XD hahaha
xiaovass: HAHA!

w.k: lol ton so much panda you luh!
xiaovass: Next week cant ton le ! ):

li en: tagged (: stay happy!
xiaovass: xiexie ni !

xiaovass: Tks!

Miki: Just like me, I changed kinda a lot
xiaovass: You changed more pretty ! ^^v

Miki: Hehehe (: the 3 photos look prettyy (:
xiaovass: Awww~ Tks :D

Raymond: HELLO !!!
xiaovass: HI !