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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

xiaovass:We will meet a lot of people in our life time, but as for our soul mate, it has already been determined by fate.

Vass is proudly to say Im Attached (wink~) Pointing up ^
29Nov2011, 0600' iloveyou~ (blush~*~)

As normal, im lazy to type so pictures shall do most of the talking (: ENJOY ~! :D

Wait wait ! let me zilian abit :b (if not i oso not much to post :o)

OK~ Back to topic. Homed at 12plus pm, When to get my len. My poor len crake T.T Dont ask me why !! Get blur ! but when i worn turn out to be green. -.-! I thought i colour blind sia ! LOL~ Anyway~ Home, bathe com and meet Huiluan ,Wenkai and boyf. See doctor before when to Cini with my dearest !

Snap snap with my boy (L)

Oh ya ! my new len (:

Blar blar blar ~~~~

And ofcos ! Dinner @ Hoshi (:

After dinner,down to Tm movie with celina and ken. and lastly! Im HOMED ! OK im done. Off to watch show BYES :D

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

xiaovass: 痛过之后就不会觉得痛了,有的只会是一颗冷漠的心

Im so hyper and bored so i took this pics and send to my friends! HAHAHA~

Hello lovelies ! Im back to posting! And tell you guys what after that day when club, im sooooo into clubbing can ! Oh my god! i just cant stop thinking about going club but sadly im only 17teen this year and yea although im 18 next year, my birthday falls on the Dec. Like hell man ! i have to wait 1 year and while i watch one by one of my friends turns 18. T.T cry no tears liao ~~


Friday, 18 November 2011

xiaovass: 男人等不了,却时常说“等你一辈子”,女人等不起,却等了一辈子

Hey party people ! Im back to posting ^^ Miss me ? yea yea ?? alright, im abit hight :b When down to Ph yst night with my babe and friends ! Enjoyed the whold night dancing and singing ! Like Fun ttm only, i think im in love with clubbing ! AHahahah! Pic spam ! :D Enjoy (:

See the diffent between last time huiluan and now? She look chio ttm, all tks to me.! hahahah! Way to go babe !

Solo pic for me by 135! i look abit guai guai de ;O

My pretty 135 ! (L)

With ian (:

Club and dancing ! ^^v

Lovly (L)

passer-by: Hi! can i know how to change blogskin and puttin te links on to the blog? thank you
xiaovass: go to the html ! quite complicated you can ask you blogger friend help you with that (:

Miki: TAG with lots of love
Miki: Everything now is taking of yourself and be more happy! You deserve it!
xiaovass: Tks babe! (L)

Miki: Aaaawww ): dun be sad pretty, you will find a better guy soon, I promise!
xiaovass: awww~ how nice of you (: Tks pretty !

Raymond: hey noob hellO!!!

xiaovass: Noob you head ! :@

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I have so many reason to cry and breakdown yet im still standing here holding on my tears. What's wrong with me ? Im a normal girl just like others, i need love and care too, but why am i staying strong by myself not letting others see my tears and sadness? Why am i such a fool to continue like this? Others say its hard to see my cry, but the fact is it's not hard, its just rare. I dont cry easily, even i feel like i will laugh out loud and all tears will roll back. I hate stay at home cause i hate being in a room with nothing else. I ton all most every night cause i'm scare of being alone. i have a weak mindset and heart, it just all protected yet it will still hurt you know?

By wk:
hey just remember the difference in loving someone and being love is that the person giving out more is the person that work more and learn more even if it dosent work out you learned and grow through out these pain

Saturday, 12 November 2011

I don't need any guys in my life, i live pretty well without them ♥


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

xiaovass: I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day

Sick for nearly a week and still not recovering ): Yet i still have to work to earn money for myself, dad die oso dun't want support me. Cries~ Anyway off today when KBox with my dearest Celina, ken and quanlong! Havent been to K since last 6mth ago ?? And yet today when K but 4 of us de voice is like CMI._.! Sad ttm la! But over all its fun ! And And !! My dear celina voice is Good ttm! She sang very well! hahaha :DD Off to FarEast after K and Home @ 10plus ! See~ Im so guai to be home early today :D Alright! Im done here, Shall go rest now seeya! AND! Follow my New twitter ! https://twitter.com/#!/vassthy Love you guys ttm!
Last thing before i end, CANT YOU GUYS JUST LEAVE A TAG BEFORE LEAVING !? Why so many ppl can come ask me this and that in my blog yet no tags ?! (faint~) Be guai and leave a footstep before leaving k ? BYEs! ^^

Monday, 7 November 2011

xiaovass: Sometimes you have to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve.

As you guy can see, i dyed my hair in to brown reddish ! vote ! Which is nicer? this or the last time ?! later to blog too much. And tell you guys what, im sick ): for 5 days and i'm not in the track of getting any better yet worst -.-! God ! kill me~~ :x

Dye my hair with Jina nd one of his bro at my hse near by (: Pic w Jin :D

The 2 gay ! Ahahahah~

A solo pic for my handsome boy. hahah! And know what ? After i know him till now he today look the best ! Laughs~

After dyeing meet Quan for movie @ Tm ! HAd our dinner before that nad 11plus mett Teresa sis under till 12plus. Homed and now i shall sleep! Good night people :DD

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Li En: hi pretty girl! Glad to know you're living well (: do take care of yourself yeah?
xiaovass: Hey babe ! tks for the concren yea ! I will and you too. Meet up real soon ! (L)

Miki: muacks!
Miki: Aw.. oh actualyy the link I gave you, you suppose to answer x) pls go my blog and find out, thanks lovely
xiaovass: Oh i see ! hahaah... okei doki ^^

Pig : you will never know.~ because I might not be who you know.
xiaovass: Oh really ? (:

Raymondn: Hello D!
xiaovass: HI !