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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Happy 2nd Monthsary with my beloved boyfriend ♥ !!!

Me love you very de much ! So you must love me alot too hor . laugh~ Sadly our 2nd cant spent together again but its ok (: Cause i know there's more to go, right sweetie ?! haha.... And dear, Without you, tomorrows wouldn`t be worth the wait and yesterdays don`t deserve to be remembered. So thankyou for being there for me this 2 mth although its not long or short, but yea. Tks my love (: I hearts you sweetie ! muack muack ~! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year :DD
Have you get many many AngBao ? hahah... share leh ! don't be selfish ^^ Anyway, when over to celina hse for steamboat on the day before cny. When home had dinner and off to granny hse gathering. All i could say is, BORED ;x nvm~ wei le angbao ba. HAHA! When to bai nian on the 2nd day of cny, till now still have 2 days for bai nian. gosh~ tired :o

Pic with boon :D

With billy :D

With mommy !

Daddy and mommy, sweet old couple. haha!

My family :DD

My granny ! (L)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Havent been blog for quite a few days . So shall post today ! (: And today topic shall be my school btss Wushu club (:

I joined btss wushu club since i was sec 1 till now it have been 5yrs. And though its not very long yet it bring me lots of fun and happiness ! I enjoy every of my training lessons and oso those playful time we had when our club is all so friendly and united! Still remember with corrine, sabest,Carl, Singyan, tinghua and many others we always call each others funny names, jump and hop around and even complaint in training^.^ With my batch i had, xiaowei, kaixiong, Jinxuan, Lili and i could say i had much fun and many 'hui yi' (: Still remember, we use to train with Mr wee, and he always like to say 'its time for -Bai fen-' and end with a evil smile. Laugh max ! At first we used to complaint tired dont want do. But later goes on we start asking for more. Haha~ But sadly, now the school choose to close down wushu club ); Dint really know the reason why but im here to say, i enjoy this 5 years in this club and i hope even after the club closed down we still can call and meet out for eating or outing (: Cheer for Btss wushu club !!! ♥♥♥

Grab some pictures from facebook ! Enjoy those moment :DD

CNY 2009 performers

Our Wushu T! and now its New, pink ! (ps i dint take any pic for that)

Showcase day for 2009! (:

Teacher's day performer on 2010 ! (:

Wushu Exchange & Training Camp 2007!

Showcase day on 2010 !

Feast day on 2007 !

Feast day on 2008 !

Hope you guys enjoy the photos and lastly. Btss Wushu Rox yea !! :DD

Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday boy on 13 Jan (:

Crazy boys having gay funs. HAHA!

Shopping trips with my dear on 15Jan (ps pic overdue) Got my cny stuffs and woohoo ! All dresses :x laugh~ boyf ended up getting only a pair of jeans ..... zai~ haha! Me love him ! :DD

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy 19th Birthday To Quan long ! :DD
Hope you enjoy your day and like the present i got for you (:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hello guys ! im here for a short update (: going off soon to meet me dear celina to get our study books. And trust me guys. i had never been so hard working since pri 6 !! We even can ton night to finish our words and do extra of it. God ! sth is really wrong of me :x laugh~

Anyway, see the 2 pictures at the top ? (pointing up ^) I miss my golden and red hair !!! Now im black hair and people cant stop saying i look like a xiao mei mei. faint~*) God bless that this year faster end os i could re dye my hair again . ! (pls hurry!!)

And kabooo! Ysy when to cut my hair. and ofcos ! i only cut my frine :x laugh! This is the before cuting

And this is the after cutting ! can see the different?? Well, not much la. ops! hahaah

4 pitures in the row is what Wenkai got for my bday and x'mas present, well its like late very long :P hahah! Anyway i LOVE all of it ! Its Hello kitty and Rillakumma stuffs !(heart melt~*) Ok ! im done with my boliao post. Off to get ready le. BYES ! :D

Thursday, 5 January 2012

xiaovass: When I am with you, I wish I could stop time so I could spend forever with you ♥

Hello people ! im back to blogging :D This is my first post in 2012, so yea... if its bored then... Ps uhh :/ Anyway~ im have goen back to Btss study since the date of 4 and today is my sec day of school ! Shock eh? Im in 4A2 ! laugh~ I feel kinda odd in classes plus i dont really talk much with classmates. Lucky Celina is back to school with me and We are in same class ! ^^v Have been doing homework for this 2 days. See ! Im guai right? hahah... Shall contiune work hard and aimt for 'O' lever then poly ! No time for being a small kids le, Time be growth up and be a good girl :D

Yst when to celina 'hse for a stay over and before bed time we did our math ! Really bless to have a math lover beside me. Haha~ Woke up at 5am with her and had our breakfast ! Bathe and off to school. Did, math, english & F&n work in school. After school when over to Ken's hse with celina, had lunch and continue our math homework. When back school for wushu training ! Haven't be doing sport and wushu for a yr ! Sweat all over and ot white shirt turn black ! hahaha~ Was so fun ^^ But now my leg feels like JELLY :o laugh~! Ok im done and i shall watch some show before sleep to relax . Tata~ :D

Today Pe had height and weight. Im 169cm tall and 48Kg ! What's yours? (: