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Friday, 30 March 2012

Vassthy: You hold a special place in my heart and no matter what happens, you'll always mean the world to me.

Happy 4th mth with boyf (: I just love him to the max

Meet up with boyf at tm yst, walk around and had some light snack at foodcourt, this silly boy of mine never fail to made me laugh haha~ Was talk about project x (movie) Heard what boyf said like a nice show only so hope to get to watch on chalet ^^ Around 7 went over to Cathay to have our dinner and slack around waited for Kenji and huisha to arrive ! Watched 'Wrath of the Titans. at 9.45 ! Rated 4/5 was not bad i guess (: And lastly reached home sweet home at 12plus ;D

Sua of sua had fever, burn up to 39.3 at midnight )': went to see doctor this morning and i spend half of my day on bed till now. Tsk~ first time in my life got so high fever! yawns~ Shall conitune watching my unriddle 2 ! Byes (:

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Vassthy: Lets play a game. I fall, you catch me alright ? Who ever let goes lose (:

Hello people! Im back for more posting and sadly to say i have nth to talk about ! So i spam this post with my freshly taken pictures (: laugh~ K,lame uh. Play with my cam and phone cam with waiting boyf to get ready, meeting the sweet boy for mine at TM to watch movie, Weee~ watching cartoon, alright i sound like a small kid. oh god.

With my phone (:

With my cam ;D

Ok~ im done here, super short post ! hahahah! Byes ! and miss me yea (wink~)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Vassthy: i wish to be someone special in your eyes.

Back to post... shall start it with 2 pictures with Christina ! Such a cute babe hahah! Super over due picturns and i dont even remember when was it taken just kmow that was meeting up with her and other to eat at west side. Hmmm~

Anyway ! Was working on the past Fri and Sat and all i could say is worst job ever. -.-! Expo was having baby fair and we are heird to Pomot our 'learningTect' and sell the tickets to the parent for ice-cream workshop for kids above 3-8. Sound easy? Yea i though so too! But end up i sold 2 ticket in 2 days and worst of all we are not allow to get our basic pay unless we hit 15 ticket per shift !(11-4 & 4-9) Like what the hell? that show if we sold 0$ = we earn nothing and we work for them free !! wtf~ Lucky after all of us talk them out and get out basic pay. But they fire all of us. LOL!

Went out with denson Yst to Town was suppose meet up with celina too but she tired so pass on. Went to have of lunch, TOM YAM ^^v Shop around pei denson go H & M and lastly to Cine shop. That small kid still pull me to TimeZone play his game. LOL! (left pic^) Kinda get bored and cam myself hahah~ (Right pic) And thanks this nice boy for getting me the cute ring! Its fury somemore ! love it ttm

Reacher home at 10plus and play with my Cam haha! Havent been toouching it for like mths (?) and lucky it still work perfectly (wink~) OK im done here ! Lots of typying yea. Byes ! :DD


Sunday, 18 March 2012

I can't promise you a perfect relationship without arguments and differences. However I can promise you as long as you're trying, I'm staying. But would you ??

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

vassthy: I don't want want to be just your girlfriend, I want to be that one and only special girl in your life ❤

BOOM ! im back (: Yawns~ raining weather really makes me sleepy, and i don't even wanna go out ! laugh~ then i shall be a good girl stay at home today and also i can eat my mom home cooked dinner ! She have been back from her 1 week Taiwan trip. Bought back tons of small snacks and know what ? I JUST CANT STOP EATING !!! laugh~ ok, cut that out and geez! i need to put on some weight ! )': Too skinny is not a good thing either, all my pants is getter lose! Tsk~

Anyway! Back to topic, Went to IT fair with Teresa and bump till Augustine and the others ! Ahahaha! Snap with mango'bro (wink~*) And Dinner with group follow by meet calver and his friend for supper (:

Skip A few days due to i forgotten alot :x Went over to Club Soul with celina, ken and his friend on last Sat, till 2plus Went over to club Aura to find Andrew ! Boyf was all the way at Ph, jealous ttm can )': Sadly i cant get it. RAWR~ Home at 7 plus, sleepppppp !!!

Had a long H2H chat with Celina yst night and found out we human really are very funny. Those who love us so deeply and treated us so good we always don;t even bother to take a second look at them and worst is we would never fall in love with them. Yet those who we love so hardly treated us like shit and we still can love them with broken hearts. Life's never be fair and we really have to learn this fact hard.Always fall for the wrong person and hurt ourself badly, its not worth yet we cant control. Over and over agin we did the same old things. Tsk~ (relationship) This 'thing' have match many couples and also torn them apart. Just like a bunch of balloons, each and every one of them is special, just hold on to them and not let go,it'll go by its own, hang in there.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vassthy: I may not be your first love, first kiss, first sight, or first date but I just want to be your last.

Im god damn tired !! Ok that's a different starting for the post, laugh! Well well well, im so lazy to post blog after so many years of blogging and best is im lazy to reply tags too! As you can see i removed my tagbox, so~ Anything you wanna know or ask just post on my facebook or at here ! http://www.formspring.me/vassthy A early thankyou before hand (: Shall get back to topic. Scoll down ! :DD

Went to Singapore flyer on 2Mar with boyf , huishan and kenji. First time sit flyer, was not really amazed maybe is due to seen Singapore too many time le. hahah! But we sure do have tons for cam and laugher inside ^^ After 40mins of ride we when to get our dinner and window shopping ! Through out the night we laugh like mad xD When home at around 11plus ! (:

With my cute boyf ♥.♥

Check out the view ! Sadly that the water is not clear blue )':

Went out with 'Wakaka group' With Calver and 6 others mate, sadly i could say i only know calver and the owner-.-! Jitao bored max can )': But lucky calver is there to entertain me the whole day! Lucky uh~ hahaha. Meet this bestie at 2plus under my blk, was raining super big! Bus to Far east plaza had our lunch and shops. Meet the rest group members 5plus at Plaza sing. Watch 'The devil inside' With them sadly was real disappointed with the ending )': Not really scary at all to be frank but bestie got stun and scared tons of time and i just cant stop laughing at him !! Havd our dinner and they when to play pool, ended up is me and calvin friend at there drinking-.-! Left at 10plus. Ok, the end :D