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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hello baby, it's 29th once again and Happy half year monthsary !! ♥♥♥ Although it's a late post but hey dear !Thanks for your this half year of cares and love bringing me tons and tons of happiness and laughing. In your hands of care and keep feeding me, my cheek is getter more and more chubby !! Omg~ you better bring me go slimming if I fat I tell you ! Haha~

I wanna be your one and only special girl in your life can I ? I don't mind to spent my forever with you uh ops~ (shy*) Haha! And my dear, I love your stupid laughs and crappy jokes, loving that everytime I woke up or before sleep I will receive sweet and long text from you. Loving you for loving me and making my every single days smiling at my phone like a fool :b

I wanna wait it that day I can say happy anniversary to you ! To prove those who don't believe our relationship can last long de people that we really can last long (: An unexpected relationship last longer than long plans one . You are the one I wanna lay my happiness to and every morning waking up to see you beside me. You're my everyone dearest. I love you baby and no words can describe that my love ♥ Muack Muack ! Huggies~*

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Vassthy; When you love someone, you can't get them out of your mind ♥

Omg~ i want fair skin, bigger eyes, pointy cheek and slimmer legs! Really hate my high cheek bones made my face so round and my long hips that made me can't wear high waist pants and skirt. (i tried, it look so funny-.-!) Ps about my long complain after so long haven't been updating my dead blog for numbers of days and god i see spider webs around le haha!
Its raining outside and tonight shall be a good night to sleep till shiok ! :D

Went to Ikae with Teresa and Jasmine, was wondering why we when there in the first place(!) Bough donuts, so Yummy~ (:

Meet up with boyfriend for the pass 2 days, I miss him so much cannnnn~ Cant wait for Friday! Heading down town for dinner and movie with my love♥ Watching MIB 3 ! (smiling non stop :)

It have been 3 years passed, i hope you're doing fine up there.
You never come to my dream, just once can you?
I had tons or things to tell you, so many things happened this few years.
Look over us will you? your family & friends. R.i.p~ 23May2009

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vass'thy: Can we get a little closer ? So I could listen to your heart beats.

Back to blogging ! Completed my 3 dates of work at Expo on 11-13 May (: Stand more than 10 plus hr per day leg tired like mad and shoulder sour like crap but over all i did enjoy my work and some more i get to know new friends ! You have to enjoy your work so you like it right ? I mean if you dont you will be like moodless not happy and tired.Sos its really important to choose a job that you like ;D

@ work with kim, its rare to find girls that are nearly same height as me and the age is close too ! (crap my face look so round next to her T.T)

Lego land @ malaysia, im so going there man ! but it built finish at Sept! So maybe my bday mth can go . heheh~ So tempting can !


Kim :D

Done with the pic and im back to typing, DONT STOP! continue reading will you ? (: Anyway i really do enjoy working with my friends and some how i got ask stupid yet funny questions by costumer during work. (note~* im working under 5stars tour)

Costumer: hi, do you have 6 starts ? i dont want 5 stars leh.
Me: huh? no sorry (smiling~)
walk away, less than 5min came back.
Costumer: Got sell 6 starts chicken rice ??
His friends: He want 6 stars i want 7 stars!
Me: stun~* hhaha.. no-.-!

ok, so whats with the chicken rice?? we are having travel fair leh !!?? But they are friendly (: Only sad things this those china ppl keep ask us work work work yet they all can keep eat eat eat.damn it can ! argh~ Ok shall stop here. Im hungry ! going cut mango to eat now, be Jelly ^^. Meeting my boy later ! I MISS HIM :D

Monday, 7 May 2012

Vass'thy: For every day, I miss you. For every hour, I need you. For every minute, I feel you. For every second, I want you. Forever, I love you

BOOYAA ! Hello peers, im back to blogging, to be frank idk what to blog :x Anyway im having Exams nowadays and yea~ it Sux ): Oh well, all i have to do is do my best and wait ~ Oh crap!
Starting work on this friday- sunday at EXPO then follow by BHG works. Busy and more busy. And well of cause, lesser and lesser time with boyf as well. Tsk~ We are all growth up, cant just sit and do nothing right ? So no school = work , got school ley ? work part-time lo ! (shake-head) Ok im done here, i miss my boy :x
Byes !