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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vassthy: I love you. More than you could ever imagine. ♥

Happy 7th mth with my dearest boy ! Weee~ time passed so fast in a blink of eyes we have been tgh for 7 mths. I love you babyboy (hugs~*) falling in love is the 2nd best thing that happen to me and love by you is the best damn thing ever. Stay forever and walk the long road with me alright ? I love you ♥♥♥

Zilian abit with my Cam before heading out to meet my boy! Havent been using it for mths and it turn dusty ): I wanna buy Dslr so badly ! Save money! save money! so i could get a laptop end of this year. hmm~

Meet up with my love 4 at City hall head down to town for lunch and shop around. Had Japanese food at Isatan ^pointing up^ my miso ramen yummy~!

Saw this super cute dog outside Isatan. The fur is like so cute and fluffy ttm making me wanna have a dog too ! Sadly parent is NO-animals in the house kind )': && Super thanks my boy for getting me the iphone cover @ cine. (L)
Fuxiang join us after 6 and heading to eunos with dear at 10plus, chill and chat with him till 11, off home at 11plus.

Not forgetting to cam with baby ! :DD And this 'Ai mei' boy still at there style his hair first before taking pic. Tsktsk~ *ps of my cheeky face*

Alright ! im done. This post took me 1 hr cause i having hard time upload the pictures --! Stay tune for my nest post and follow my twitter @ https://twitter.com/blacklipskiss and Imstagram @ vassthy :DD

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vassthy: Start everyday with a new hope, leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.

Im so lazy to update blog but since i had nothing much to do so~ i decided to post about my event job. It's going to be a long and naggy post but i will put as many pictures as i could so please bear with it okay ?? Don't close page !! i will come hunt you xDD

Thanks to Calver for intro me this 1 day job but how i wish this could last for a few more days ! Start at 3.30 and all we did is walk up the stage and act as the 'VIP' let the models get use of the stage walking till 5.15. Break till 6 and start Ushering the guests to their seats. End our job at 7 and all of us just stood at the side and look at the performers. Cool or not?! And there come our 50buck but sadly it need 21 days to transfer to us. But oh well, i love this job!! One of my best and easiest job i could say and talks about event joys i miss last year's. Although i'm scared of balloons but i really enjoy my 7 days with those new friends and those fun we had :D Maybe should text them and fix a meeting with them soon ! hmm~

Plan to meet with Calver 130pm at my hse but plan fail o meet him at bedok instead, off to Singapore Expo hall 2 and start our work. Special crew pass is given and check out the trophy of 3 stars! (given to me as i act as 'VIP' so i snapshot it:b)

Just check out how big the company dinning is !! 500 tables and it fill up the whole of hall 2 !! Creep me out that the owner had so many people to invite GEEZ~! Looking at such a huge dinner set up im sure you will be thinking will people get lost ?? The answer is ~~~~ YES ! That's why we are being hired (wink~) Meet some really funny people there too ! Due to the super good & loud bass speaker with those clubbing songs and 10-15 over times bigger than Power house there's even Uncle and young boys try to dance in front of me --!

Dinner serve and performing start, everyone worn like as thought they having wedding or super stars awarding kind and my boss said that i look like im having the dinner with them than working! laugh max~ Its kinda boring about the performing cause its just giving out awards and singing The end~ Less than 1 hr it bored me so i drag Calver out for many smoke break to kill my bore-ness and how nice of him to pass me his jacket cause im freezing ! :D

End work at 930 and off to home ! Bath, change and off to tm meet up with boyf (: Thanks to that sweet boy of mine to accompany me text all the way till i end work and even stay over at my house as he promise last week after lan with bros at TMcc.
Hugs, kisses, cuddle and fall asleep in your arm is what i wanted for every night and it's a bless to waking up & see you next to me in every morning (: i love you

Stay at home for today and school stating tml one work to express myself = SIAN ! Hope im able to get up in morning and not getting late ! Okay that a super long post for today shall end now and get other stuffs to do hmm~ Stay turn for my next post readers ! Bye :D

Friday, 22 June 2012

Vassthy: Keep smiling because life is such a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

Ok lets vote, clip up fring or let it down ? alright~ im bored ): and worst of all im feeling hungry at this timing without fail on every single day. Tsk! Continue this way i will be fat Fat and FAT ! (faint)

Thanks my sweet boyfriend to get this strawberry cheese cookie cake for me at E-hub! (: love it so much ! and best of all the strawberry is in heart shape ! awww~

When over to chalet with boyf and his classmate at around 6plus although we meet at 3 haha! Pool for the guys and coldness for me T.T Im like turning into ice-stick at pool center even i worn sky's thick jacket ! brrr~ But best of the best the food over there are like WOOH! so much and yea, we cant finish!

Drinking seasons in the chalet rooms and something bad happened (shake head)

When to St.James Ph yesterday with Friends and worst of all i though i could enjoy my night over there however my sugar rush happen and all plan was ruined. Super piss off with myself and also feel so bad to those who take care of me and miss the fun inside. Im sooo sorry for those mess ):

Pictures taken with germaine and darly from my phone while others is at their phone and ian's cam!

Meet up with my love at Bugis today, had soup spoon! Looks like its going to be one of my another fav food soon hmm~ Fuxiang joined us at 6 and shop around.

Sweetheart bough me this as he promised! shall bring this 2 to work for tml ! Pray hard nth will happen )':

Done with my blog stay tune for my next post okkkkay ? Nighty night readears ! (L)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Vassthy: A family is something that last forever. So treasure it (:

Happy Father's Day ! Ok~ i know i late by one day but who cares?! Its father's day everyday if your dad is with you huh huh (:

Here's out male lead, my dad! Although he always nag not stop and bad temper but he's always there to be my ATM ! ahha joke~ When i have school, he will everyday wake me up at 6 and make breakfast for me when i wash up and also get my school U ready on my bed (: Thank daddy !

Bring my family go for dinner yst and hell god i eat the lesser thanks to Johnson gong cha . im too full !

Meet up with germaine at TM before meet parent go eat. See you on 21th couple heart ! :DD

Worn my new top from scape yst. Love it :D

Stay tune for my next post yea ! byeeeeee~ (kissies~*)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vassthy: You've given me reasons to smile and good times to laugh about, but most of all you've given me memories I could never forget.

Oh gosh~ i feel like eating ice-cream at this timing so badly )': But sadly my hse dont have tsk~ Such an unlucky and careless day for me today. Hurt my shoulder while climbing stairs up the bus as the driver drive like F1! Forgot to lock the front door when i came home and slip while bathing and hit the shelf of shampoos. What's in the world is wrong with me !? But thanks god there's something im happy about. And that is~~~ Huishan is coming over my work place working with me ! CANT WAIT ! (#^^#)

Meet up with Johnson the bestie for mine to bugis on Sat! Thanks for the treat of lunch and a big pack of sweets ^^ Yummy :D

Solo pictures for both of us (: and just look at him, he's so happy of his new top (laugh~)

Meet up with Calver for lunch today at TM, how nice of him still remember me hahah! Dint take pic with as im soooo lazy :o pretty boy right ? (he's still single oh! wink~*)

Sweet boyf came down to Tm and meet me for dinner as well as his brothes at 6. and im home at 930! even mom was shock that i reach home so early, wanna go club avatra so badly as there's event today but im not 18 yet ! Why my birthday so lateeeeeee~ even mom cant explain :/
Dear time please pass faster so i can turn 18 ASAP ! thankyou ^^

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Vassthy: I want someone who love me, care for me and afraid of losing of me.

Blog to posting ! Have been working since Monday - Thursday, meet new friends and learn new things. Really enjoying my working except when kanna scold by those unreasonable people !

ANYWAY~~~ Hello my dear readers, hows your day ? As for me i enjoy myself much with dearest boyf :D Meet dear 3plus at Town, had hot tomato for lunch ! Yummy yummy and cold stone too ! everytime go out with boyf he sure never fail to fatten me de. TSK~ if one day i fat till 100kg he dare dont want me i sure chop him into 18 big parts !! Ok~ i feel so violent (lady like lady like*) Ehhem! just skip that part alright ?? xD

Old time cars display. They are all so niceeee~ Can i have one ? :x

When over to Old school meet boyf's friends. Had mango juice and i love the cherry! Oh~ before i forget, Good luck to Nick as he going army soon ! Jiayou ah ;D

Random pic~ i want more soft toys please !!

OK, shall end here then. Goodnight readers (: