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Monday, 30 July 2012

I wanna grow old with you (:

Happy 8th month darling boy, you know i love you a lot a lot uh (wink~*)

Hello readers ! Dint you miss me? Let me start this post with my face ! :D Super glad that my com dint be a bitch for not able to upload my pictures(:

A peek of my bikini shoots hope the picture will be out by this week. Stay tune alright !

Have been staying over boyf's hse since Friday and yea, he's like a small kid at home HAHA! well i guess most of us do uh. And im a good girlfriend for helping him lay and pack his bed, im a wife to-be ! (shy~*)

When over to celina's 18 birthday on Sat.

And yea this babe of mine is having problems cutting the cakes just like last year. laugh~

Such a sweet and cute looking couple (: Happy birthday qinaide ! and last long long long (L)

And oh yea~! Here's the main topic for the chalet, anyone see before using chopstick eating cakes? if not, here's a sample of my boyf pose. Due to they forgotten to buy spoon we used chopsticks and yea the whole chalet people was like 'i can't stop laughing~!'

Silly boyf of mine can't stop show me his stupid face !

Make a guess, who's this ! :D

Stay tune on my next post ! I know you miss me xD

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Find someone worth your tears, worth your laughter, worth your heart and loves you as much as you love them

Having problem with uploading pictures to blogger nowadays. Damn piss off after spending almost an hr to upload just a few while the others hang ARGH~!
Photo shoot pic is out! I only post this out cause i cant upload the rest!! soooo~ im sorry, Do go to my facebook and see the rest ! Yea i know i look wired without smiling HAHA~! my first shoot goes well (not the picture outcome) Hope my next shoot will be better! cheer~*

Have been meeting boyfriend since friday will end of weekends(: Seoul Garden with Dear on Sat night before head to bugis street to get my heels and bikini ! Super full dinner and super joke dear cant stop his silliness. With him just by my side it simply made my day so much happier (:

Even with such a heavy dinner, we still head to get dim some at midnight ! Cab to dear hse over night and Tadandan~dan~~ My first lunch and meeting with his parent !!! I so nervous and scare i will did something wrong that his parent don't like but luckily everything when well and his parent are quite friendly (Phew~:)

Bathe and to Vivo after 6 for dinner at Brotzeit with my boy and after dinner ice cream !!! Ben and jerry yumyum~ Have been eating a lot this days and my tummy is forming shape out scream* Have to work out before my next shoot if not my tummy will ruin every photo taken god !

Shall end here, wait for my next post readers ! Goodnight :D

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Every relationships have to add in trust.

A short update for yesterday (: Start and end my photo shooting from 5plus - 9plus . Back bone and legs ache like hell, now i know photo shooting don't look as easy as it seems like !! I always though that you just have know how to pose + smile and everything will be fine but ended up i don't even know how to pose and where to look ! Lucky photographer is there to guide me through out the whole shoots and i learn number of new things from his models too ! And thanks much to dear for accompany me the whole day (L)

A peek of the studio. Pictures will be out next week, i dont thinks its nice cause i was ask not to smile while shooting so most of my face is like ._. this AHAHAH! Buut i enjoy it cause its first time for me !

Try and spot my dimple ! hahah~ ok im lame care me none :x

I smile because i have you but i will never want to cry cause that's the day i lose you.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The smile on my face is because of you.

Movie with dear on Friday and Saturday, caught 'ice age 4' and 'Painted skin'
Ice age was really funny and throng out the whole movie i just cant stop laughing, those animals are way too cute ! :D But kinda waste money on painted skin, was not as good as i though it should be. Was disappointed somehow but oh well, no harm giving it a try right (:

Ice cream with my dear, nothing better than chilling in a cozy place eating ice-cream with your love one (:

Head down to Bugis with teresa and huishan for job thingy.

With my lovely babe (L)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

At the end of the day, memories are all that matter. things fade away, people change, but memories will live on forever.

Go school on wed and half way i was sent home due to using phone--! I was asked to hand over my phone for a week ! and that's = Hell No way man~! school you mad ? Pity much i have been going school less than 5 days in 2 weeks and 1 more month to N lever. Good luck everyone taking exam (: Anyway its Friday the 13th today (scream~) i hope nothing goes wrong for today hmm~

Meet dearest on Sunday and had Alston for lunch ! Delicious much but sadly i can't finish as usual 70% eaten only. Well you can blame me since i have a small tummy, i tent to trow everything out once i eaten too full. Tsk~

Pointing up^ just look at my poor crig after i asked dear to keep for me. Flat like a roti-prata and cute boy of mine can't stop laughing every time i took it out !!
Meet up with His bro and the girlf over at Far east before heading to Cine meet Peixiang for dinner. Worst of the worst saw a guy that i hate much, ARGH~ totally spoiled my perfect mood for the day.Someone really need a huge HI-5 with a chair on their face --!

Sometimes, all you need to do is sit back, turn up the music, and relax. Play hard while you're young but of cause please don't hurt anyone uh (:

Have been working since Tue to Thur and my bus broke down when i was rushing to work on Tue, talking about suay-ness. Tsk~

Bought by working friend. Yunyum :D

Watching Ice-age with dear later (since it's pass 12am) Wait for my next post and Goddnight readers (:

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vassthy: I want that late night movie, long walks in the park, cuddle up on the couch, kind of relationship.

HELLOOOO~ Im mome after Germaine's chalet. Shall blog a bit since hair is dry, Yawns~ Spend 3 hr shopping at bugis with celina, kenny and ian to get her bday presents, whole body ached like hell ! Went over to chalet at 9 till 12 last bus home.

Some of the pictures taken days before (im lazy to type :x)

Meet my boy on tue to VivoCity to do his card and off to Ceni for Movie and dinner. Caught 'Amazing Spider-man' !

Got myself a new wallet at Far east on Friday #happy And 4 Finger for dinner with dear (:

Went over to TM near by bar for a drink with my boy, marrk, brandon, yijie, kelvin had tons of laugh and jokes too! A lift from marrk home while dear ton over at my house. #cuddle

instargm picture taken while at chalet. Happy 19th bday girl !

I relies nothing will stay forever and i have a tough lesson to learn that. Im happy with the life im having now and i shall stop myself for going back. Last long with your girl and stay happy always (: