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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I would love to watch sunset and count the stars at night with you.

Happy 9th mth with my dearest boy !

He's the one that bring smile and laughter into my life.
He's the one that bring so much joy and fun in my life.
He's the one who teach me to be strong on weakest point.
He's the one that teach me how to take mrt.
He's the one that make me fat after attached.
He's the one that make silly face to see my smile.
He's the one that joke around and fools around.
He's the one that say 'i love you' in many different ways everyday.
He's the one i wanna marry and have kids.
He's the one and only one i love Darren Csh.
Hey my love, you belong to ME :-*

Tks yong han for the full body pic (:

Soup spoon for lunch (V) Pool for the guys and QQ noodle for dinner. Had a wonderful day spend with Boyf, Sky, javier, yong han and xiao di at bugis. (pointing up^ picture with sky :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

You're everything I want, and that's what scares me.

Havent been updating blog due to i cant connet my phone to boyf's lappy and my internet was down till Yst. Currently at boyf hse so choose to use his lappy to make a short update. Ps full of my face as i played with his web cam ^^v

Im trying to be sexy in the first pic and cute in another one. But sadly its blur ):




Muack :-*

Went over to brandon 21th bday at Sentosa Island.

Check out the bday boy in the middlen ! Everyone start joking that he's having firt day instead of bday. Laugh~!

And here's a snap of the bday cake. Both pic from Marrk*

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

There aren't ugly girls. It's society that's ugly.

OPPA GANGNAM STYLE !! Alright, i bet most of the people have been hearing this song tons and tons of time around.

Say hi to my face ! What's my blog without my pictures right ? Laugh~ Don't get bored, continue reading !

Check out this 3 lovely cupcakes boyf got from Bugis ! Its so cute right ? But its like super ex, 3 for $9.50 and it taste normal don't think its really worth but you guys can give it a try. Many different kind to choose ! Located @ Bugis Junction Basement just next to Soup spoon.

My boy (L)

Dinner with my dear. Best of best Japaness food, my fav ^^

My fav tofu !!! and sushis yummy !

Ain't the cute like hell ! Just one, one of them be my pet will be be over joy !! Pleaseeee~~~

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Beware that this post is full of my face ! (: I know you guy miss me so yea, here i'm to post my picture to cure your missing. HAHAHA ~ ok im getting more and more bhb xD

I rather to choose to be blind if i cant see your face.

And i rather not to speck if its not you talking to me.

I'm a vain pot but who cares ? Which girls don't want to be pretty ? So guys stop saying you don't go for looks or like girls without make up its all bullshit. Well unless the girl's make up is like ewww kind~?

And lastly to all ladies out there, you're beautiful ! And smile, it bring up your face value (:

Ok enough of my face now lets take a look at a new member of celina's family.

TATAAA~~~ Say hi to this white furry rabbit !! Its so cute right ?

OMG~ its so fluffy, i'm going to dieeee~ Crap that xD

Boyfriend cut his hair at last, such a handsome boy for mine (L)

Silly boy of mine ! Sorry to cried on that night and made you feel sad and worried. I'm just scared that you will leave me )': But thanks to those hugs and pat you given me making me feel so much better (: I love you darling and i never wanna you to leave or i leave or whatever. We both don't leave okay ? ^^

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sleep, hugs, kisses, love, friends, family, memories, smiles, laughter and fun, the best things in life are free (:

A short update before heading out for movie with my love. Catching 'The four' later at town, can't wait !! Have been staying over boyf hse for nearly a week and of cause boyf and his mom just keep feeding me food and more food ! Omg~ sure gain alot weight if continue like this !! (scream~*)

Photo shoot pictures are out, only posted some on blog and the rest is on facebook (:

Look in to my eyes and say you love me.

Im trying tolook as sexy as i could but looks like it fail. faint~*

Red is the sex yo !

This 2 is my fav ! Boyf is then really upper body naked, HAHAHA !!

Hope your guys enjoys this post !

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Live love, love life, and enjoy the moment.

A short update on blog since im waiting for boyfriend to bath and off to sleep, and yea its about shooting and more shooting !

During the shoot, my photographer is behind me trying to make the dress look as tight at possible to see my body shape. and yea, im too skinny -.-! Was ask to put on some weight but those fat always went up to my cheek and down to my tummy instead of the right place. tsk~ small boobies i hate you ):

Was having lots of fun during the shoot and best of all my dear is beside me all the way being my maid HAHA~! End the shoot with some couple shoot with my dear, some one is cam shy cause he look so red and stiff ! And yea, he's wearing his ite U.

Get naked !!

LOL~ joking, we're not kea ! FYI im weaing nude bra (wink~*) And dear, you need some wokr out, just look at those fats !!! HAHAHA~~~ ops !