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It's a cruel world. I have to fight to survive myself.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Saturday

Happy 10th month with my beloved boy ! You're simply my everything. 2 more month to our first anni and im so looking for it. I want a big big present ok ! xDD I love you so much darling boy 

Spend my mth-sary with my boy yesterday running places to places. Home > Holland v to collect my night work stuffs from John and had some photo shoot fun before leaving xD Dinner at clark quey and off to  Pangaea for work. 

Had dinner at this Italian restaurant. Cheap max everyone should try ! Well, their serving look kinda bored but the food is yummy !

Night working at Pangaea as Roman statues model. Artiest spend 2 hrs to painted 8 of us white and draw line all over our body. Yet we spend only hrs on working. HA ! so fun to scared those guest as they though we were fake and one of the guy even got nipple lick !! Ended work and got body clean up at 4plus, off to bugis LAN shop to find my boy. And both of us slept at 7.30AM. Lastly Thanks john for checking up on me during work making sure im ok, helping me to clean those painting off my hands and legs, and sent me to bugis (:

Tired saturday so today nua to boyf hse. N level tml, good luck to those taking to me ass well. Night all ! And oh yea Happy lantern festival to all ! Enjoy eating mooncakes and having fun with paper lanterns :D

xoxo' (kisses~*)

Friday, 28 September 2012

School life

Shall have a post before my blog start collecting webs again. And today i would like to take about my sec school life. N level next week and i have totally no idea how bad it could be. I remember when younger i used to be very scare of exams and always thinks what if i din't do well ? what if i make mistake and how will mom scold me if i din't do well. 

Now looking back, i sure done super badly during school. I changed alot, i used to wear long school skirt with glasses, used to be top 2nd in class and used to be a prefect ! And later by then i start to change, shorter and shorter skirt, lens and carries small bag/file to school. Start not doing home works and skip classes. Well, i guess most of you guys will be 'chey~ i also do that' right ? Laugh~ But to be frank i really miss those days, when you run and hide from teachers while skipping classes with friends, sleep in class, shout in class and crake jokes during recess. After school went for lunch and sit under block chilling. Those are the wonderful time i had durning my sec school life. What about you ?

Bough this pretty nail polish at cine from beadstreet and as you know they sell super cheap stuffs like 'handphone covers, ear rings, funny shades' and of cause nail polish ! Its on sale 1 for $2.50 and buy 1 get 1 free ! So what does it mean you know ? 2 for $2.50 ! Hurry down and grab those fancy colour :D

My nail colour for the week. Milk tea brown with silver glitters. i love shinny stuffs, don't cha~? (L)

Monday, 24 September 2012

It's a cruel world. I have to fight to survive myself.

Sometime i wonder, who will be there when im sad, lost or happy ? Or anyone one will miss me when i'm gone ? 
Who will really be there for me and look for me when i don't reply his/her texts and calls ?
Who will look around the whole singapore for me ?
Who will relies in the shortest time that im gone ?
In real life who will ?

Thinking all those made me remember a friend. A friend that i lost since the start of this year, we dint fight or quarrel. We just ~ stop contacting. 

Turn and look around your surrounding, how many friends did you see ? Or should i say how many real friend do you have. Those who stay by your side no matter what happened and still believing and stay with you, treasure them. its rare to have some one like that. As for me ? It's a cruel world. I have to fight to survive myself (:

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sexy or Cute ?

Sometimes good things need to end, for better things to begin

Poor boy of mine is sick since Friday and i hope he's feeling better now. Busy with shooting for the pass 3 days and my eyes really need a good rest. Seeing too my flash and my eyes feels like its burning ! ):

Lately post is full of shooting pictures and today~ well, still the same HA! And for some people out there who don't know yet, I don't shoot nude. What's the point of shooting in nude when you already can make people think you're not wearing any thing ? The only different is you're between both is you're naked in front of your photographer for shooting nude. And worst is you can't display out your shoot and you have to bare with outsider saying you this and that. Unless you're shooting porn if not never shoot nude ladies. Love your body not showing all skins.

Kfc breakfast with le boy after he visit doctor early in the morning.

Head off to Kenji's hse for small gathering with boyf, Cookies made by Huishan and order pizza for dinner.

Talking about cuteness, Gigi won the first prize.

Early birthday celebration for Kelvin with others at Tm on Sat night. This dinner satisfied my long time craving of chili crabs. (Y) (sadly the crab is not i the pic)

Had mask and hats shooting on Sunday.

Only took the pic of mask forgotten hats, ops !

Short preview of outdoor shoots. Its like another side of me. Hmmm~

Midnight shoot and order mac to stop our hungry tummy.

Before shooting life i wanted those sweet and cute kind looks but after start modeling i relies mostly of my pictures turn out to be hot and sexy way. Was disappointed even up to now.

All shooting pictures created by - John Seah.

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Byes ! (L)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Shoots w Lulu & vivo w my boy !

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Before i start blogging im going to thanks reader for viewing my blog(: I had 922 views for the start of this month and it's still growing. Sorry for not keeping my blog updating often but for every of my post i will put in effort to and it's a promise (: Continue viewing my blog and support me alright ! Thankyou to all and haters ? im sorry cause i have no time for you. (peace Y)

Its photo story time~~~

Had shoots at Studio M hotel with Lulu and this 2 is a peek of my solo Pic. For people have been asking 'Don't people from outside will be able to see what i worn ?!' Relax my friends~ The window are those kind you can see in so we are safe (:

With Lulu. How cute can she be! Hit off well with her and not saying how much fun we had during the shoots :D For more of our picture stay tune to my blog or facebook ok.

Self taken with John's cam. Picture by lulu

Boyf is sweet enough to bring me out for breakfast on my second day of shoot. Well~ he had to cause he promise to accompany on the first shooting day but he dint ! Oh well, at least he did on the second day HA !

Indoor shoot for an hr and off to clarke quay for outdoor shoots. End at 4 plus and after 2 days of shooting im dying to get tons of rest. Phew~!

Fun shoot !

Woke up at 2 plus in the noon and drag myself out off bed while boyf had started playing his games early in the morning. Yea, i sound like a pig tsk.

Head off to Vivo city for dinner. Just check out the view of the sky park, how pretty can it be ! And the sky, this pink line form by clouds and sunset light just look like a crake from heaven and angels are peeking down on earth.

While waiting for our food my boy smile at me so i 'SNAP!'

Dinner serve ! All set meal are so huge that me and boyf can't finish. Well never though the food would be nice just giving it a try and it turn out it's hell delicious ! And the pricing is affordable as well. Sadly i forgotten the name. Promise to snap the name down next time i go again (:

Shop around after dinner before we got ben & jerry as dessert. Strawberry chess cake for me ! All time favorite (wink~*)

Shall end this post with the pic of me and my lovely boy. I will marry you someday, i swear ♥

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Sneck peek of my shoots

What if we woke up, as a baby, and our whole life had been a dream?

Havent been sleeping well this days and my eye bag and dark circles are getting worst. God i need tons and tons of my beauty sleep back ! Taken half of my N level this week and i hope things will go well. I did my best so yea~

Haven been photo shooting this week and there's another one tml with Lulu, cant wait to work with her and hope it all turns out well. God bless me (v)

Sneck peek of the shoots-

Second time shooting with this lovely huge bear and im much more happy this time round shoots. everything turns out pretty well and im not as crap as the first few shoots.

2 of my fav, the 'im flying' and 'im sweet looking' pic HAHA!

We ended the shoots at mindnight 3 plus am and i went home> bath > slept lesst than 2 hrs and off i rush to my el exam. Have you even heard before zombie taking exam ? Well that's me LOL

After exam went over to meet boyf at Tm and saw this 3 lovely cuties bunny. I want them all ! OMG~ Its so fluzzy im gong to die xDD

Shall end my post now hope you enjoy this post and Pic will be out soon so stay tune for my next post will ya ?

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