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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The busy week

 Hello dear readers ! Did you miss me ?? I know you did don't be shy HA ! Have been a long and busy week and there's more event happening follow by. I don't even have enough rest ): Shall update on this week more pictures than words so continue scrolling :D

Before continue let me shout out loud 'HAPPY 11TH-Mth' With my lovely boy ♥ !! Counting down 1 more mth to out 1yr anni cant wait ! Dear say he planned a big one i wonder what hmm~

Back to topic-

 Head over to Quan long's farewell BBQ at pasir ris with the bunch. Had lots of chats and FOOD o eat ahha. Poor worm is going to be Botak for the next 2 yr after toady counting down timing less than 12hrs to go. (evil laugh~*)

Celebrated early for boyf's birthday with his classmate. Smart boy in his new shirt (L)

 I'm cutting the meat in a nice way 
 Huh ? i eating your pizza ?! ops~
 Smile :D
Eh bro later after dinner doing do what ??

 Late lunch or rather early dinner at clark quay with them. Spent more than an hr eating and chatting. I love group outing !

 My fairy dont fly ! i will catch you heeh 

 Who say only girls can take pic boys also can hor ! Smile~~~
 The boy band aka Ah beng say cheese 

 Bump to this guys at 313. Smile to cam of cause !
 w chris (L)
Worm so exra ha !

Photo shooting on 27th, 28. Check out my fb for more photos !

  With qiqi and serene for Bf tee shoot. I look crap that day. not enough sleep, tired eyes and heavy eye bag. Don't even dare look at the picture on that day ):

 Tested wedding grown today preparing for up coming shoot -Solo bride. Can't wait ! can't wait !

Le sexy Santarina ! :D

Ending post now be sure to stay tune for more post and follow my twitter if you havent !  @ https://twitter.com/foxyykiss 
Tata xoxo'~

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Outdoor fashion shoot with Qiqi

A short update on 21st Nov. Had my outdoor shoot with this lovely babe Qiqi.  At first we were sweating like mad cause the sun was hot like oven then it started to rain. Ended the shoot at closing to 12pm. I woke up at 7am for this shoot T.T

 Was nice working with her and other photographer (; Learn a lot new things and meet new people !
Photo presented by- Benjamin Tan

Each of us have 3 picture to take it as a small gift (:

After shoot ended, meet boyf at plaza Sing.
Had Pizza hut for lunch. I love the pizza so much ! but too bad i had some soup with the group before meeting my dear, so i only ate 2 piece and im super full ): Had Ice cream before heading to Cine yummy ! Meet Stanley and his girlf and off we went to get dinner. Have been eating a lot lately really have to control my eating habit and do more sports.

Ending this post with my picture ! Hope you guys like this post and stay tune on my blog alright ! Enjoy your day and shall see you guys soon ! (L)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mak 21st birthday

 Happy birthday to Mak ! He's 21 now and i haven't even reach 18. im so sad ): Ok back to topic, went over to his chalet on 19th haven seen the whole group of their Ite friends for a very long time. Its a good time to catch up some news and talk to 'those long lost friends'.

 I love the cake so much just check out the golden key, it's real gold ! Gold dust, they say its good for our body if im not wrong. 21st birthday, sure have a key on the cake i still have to waif for 3 more yrs. tsk~

The whole bunch of boys from same class in ite life

 And here you have the friends with at least 4 yrs for friend ship (:

 What a nice shot haha!
 There you have, the birthday boy with chocolate cream on his face. He seem so happy with the chocolate ! haha.

 Drinking season for the guys, and we girls just sit and watch and laugh.

Tried this jelly bean from mak, no one dare try ! Poor boy of mine got the canned dog food laugh max !

Alright, im done here, shall update about 21 outdoor shoot on next post so stay tune ! Bye xoxo`~

Friday, 19 October 2012

My life is simple.

Starting the day by having heavy flu what a luck. It's Mid of Oct now 1 1/2 more mth before 2012 end. Time pass like damn fast, im turning 18 soon ! Cut the joke out stop laughing my bday fall on dec and after my bday 9 more days world end ): 

Having lots of event following by. Will be heading down to Mak chalet later on, 24th- small bbq gather for quanlong's farewell to army (Botak ! ahaha) 27th Boyf early birthday celebration, 1st Nov Boyf real birthday, 29th our 1 yr and 12th Dec my birthday. Busy busy !

"Safe And Sound" - Taylor Swift + Civil Wars - Hunger 

Check this out ! http://youtu.be/d8OOj5z9zeg Hope you guys like it (: I love her voice so much! how i wish i can sing that well `sobbing~*

Dinner at Watami with Le boy on Wed, Stupid boyf drank Whiskey w coke and i have to push him away when he talk near to me or trying to kiss me, not be be mean but i cant stand the smell. It lead me to headache ! ):

Got this 2 Lovely casing for my phone at beadstreet. Love it so much ! Now i can change new 'clothes' for my poor phone HA!

My new nail art for this week, pass or fail ? 

Just found out my shoot rate have increased #happy ! for any Advertising or Modelling contact me at vass-thy@hotmail.com (cheers)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I wish Singapore snow

Have been raining for the pass weeks, Other counties is having winter while Singapore only rain, that's so not fair ! I wanna see snow ): Real snow falling from the sky not those in snow city. Maybe because im born in Dec that's why i love winter time, ok there's no link to it and some more im scare of cold ! Real scare ~ How am i going to survivor if i have to move to a country that have winter ?! I will be freeze to dead on my first day. tsk~

Sunday- Lunch at Hot tomato in 313. I LOVE their food ! But never once im able to finish it. Meet Fuxiang at around 6pm after he end work, 2nd round of eating at Pasta Mania, i can hardly walk.

Headed out with my new nail art on that day, can you see what i had drawn on my nails ? if you can't means i had fail ): No photos of me which is rare !

 Hunter unleash at cine !
Haagen-dazs ice cream from yst with my love.

Short post for today, im done here. BYEEEEs !