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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Our love never end

 Happy officially 1 year anniversary with my boy ! It's a not long yet not short time and through out this one whole year thanks for staying by my side and doting me so much. I love you so much. 把你的手给我,我们一起走到最后, 我们要一辈子这样开开心心的过 

 Ootd for yst as we celebrated advance anni due to dear having school today. Met him at City hall mrt and make our way down to Ion for dinner then catch twilight for our movie.

 Had our dinner at Watami and while waiting for your food to be serve we open our present we got for each other.

Thanks my sweetie to get me the cute panda that will glow light and every time i press it it will say 'happy 1 yr anni baby, i love you' And the simple yet sweet book of picture. (L) I got him a card and a belt, the old one was rotten till can not rotten anymore ! And he's so lazy to get a new one. Mom said i want tied him forever so i got a belt HA !

 Had a meal for 2 pax but none of us could finish. They included each a main dish, a hot pot, salad,  tampura, sashimi and 2 drinks. Total cost of 59buck was real worth but not for 2 pax, 3 maybe.




smile ~

i love the panda so much! now i can hear my dear voice even without him next to me (v)

Cutest part is it glow ! 

 Rainbow panda(L)

Shall updated again soon. Tata~!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Starry night

 Had a real fun shoot on 23th Nov with John, Mel and Stevie MUA. Had lots of fun and it my first time doing extreme make up in my fav colour PINK (Y)

 Looking at all those make up on the table. Holy god~ !

 Lets start with my bare face. Im totally with no make up on only lens. Super big eye bag (cries~*)

 With the make up done after closing an hour. I love the fake lashers !

 Fully change into a pink lady gaga. Boyf was like 'waa~ i see pink ghost' when he came over. That's what i called EXTREME make over !

 After shoot, made our way to Town for dinner and a slow long walk along the road side orchard road with le boy and Jaws. Happen to bump to him at Nikon shop, so wait for him end work and had some catch up.

 Worn this cute pink tube top i got from Scape's fleat for just 5 buck ! Love it a lot ! I LOVE SHOPPING (v)
OK better get back to the post before i start shopping thoughts again. Below are the pictures i took along the walk way. Enjoy !

 You want some sweets ??

Beware~ The pink musketeers to the help !

Can you see us ? heeh

With le boy 

This are the pics in HD mode. 

 Snap shoot it by Jaw's cam.

This puppy just melt my heart. Awww~` Its so cute that i wanted to steal it home from its owner. I want a pup so badly )':

Had this air brush tattoo at scape for fun. I love cross.

Hope you enjoys this post, love you guys ! xoxo`~ 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Smoky glass

Short update. Have been coughing like a nearly week and things din't seem to get any better ): Push away today shoot with John as i don't want them to get infected by me. Hope things will be better.

 Was having lots for fun 2 days ago at town area while having shoots.

 Smoky eyes by MUA.
 Meet up with this sexy babe on the shoot as well. The sexy vamp (v)
And best part you know what ? We have the same name !

 With Tricia (L)

Was fun on that day but coughing slow me down and my face was in mess. was rather disappointed. I love this picture the most !

Shall updated soon, BYEs !

Monday, 19 November 2012

Shine like a Diamond

Have been a bad week for me since last week till now. Was down with flu follow by fever, and now cough and heavy head. Hate the weather closing to year end. Many people tents to get sick. Take care everyone (L)

 Sweet boyfriend cooked me ham and egg after my fever was down as promised. Although it's a simple dish but what matter is the heart.

 Out with dear on 17 Nov to marina square, i have no idea why we go over as well. HA~

 Ootd. A simple gray mid length tank top from Cotten on.

 Dinner at MOF while waiting of kok to end work. Had my chicken hot plate with steam rice yummy~

 I was playful enough to ask dear help me take this shot. I love pre x'mas display !

 Dinner at Xing wang cafe with dear and Aaron on 18Nov. Was so full after late lunch at 4 i cant eat any main course without puking out. Had bun instead ! But still~ very the full loh T.T Was happy that ended my day with 2 tops for 15 buck at scape fleat market.

 Bought Tricia for a shoot today at hollandV. Snap a shot with this bling bling rabbit ears. How cute !

Drove pass orchard with John to see the lighting and making plans for tml night out door shoot. Spot me at orchard alright ! BYEBYE~ xoxo~`

Friday, 16 November 2012

Bikini party

Bikini shoot with 4 other sexy babes on 13Nov. Was down with flu the day before and thanks god the sun kills it on the shooting day. After standing 2 hr under the hot sun not only my flu is cure, i turn more tans as well. sob~

Boyf is sweet for bringing me to to Seoul garden for dinner at Clementi Mall . We ate for 2 and 1/2 freaking hours ! Yummy (Y)

Boyf ate a lot of teriyaki chicken that day, wonder how many chicken had he kill. HA !

Last stop is dessert, mint and strawberry ice-cream with watermelon & friut topping. Sweet~

Some picture i had for now, stay tune for more !