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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Love potion

Happy 1 year 2 month with my dearest sweetest cutest boyfriend 

Have been catching drama for the pass 2 days, KO one ll is a thumbs up drama. Da Dong and King is such a sweet and cute couple (^^) Second though should i cook maggie ?? 

Back from friend's chalet, I witness a ROM today, I smile when they said 'I do'. One day I'm going to wear a white dress holding on my future husband hands and say 'I do' ♥

Monday, 28 January 2013

Darkness sober

 Was really disappointed that being scam by a blog shop 'barbie cottage' Spend 50 buck of my shoot pay on that and it din't turn out good. Thinking of going report to police this coming week since she said will deliver to me by Feb, if not just shot me with a gun now.

Had a  long hrs of shoot 2 days back, poor boy of mine had flu even up till now. Please have more shoot so i can get more cash. God bless me.

 Steamboat with my boy, sky and quan yesterday at Lele Pot. I love steamboat ! And we really is eat till nearly vomit but overall the food is awesome. Thumbs up (v)

Just had J.co donuts. watch "The witch hunter' before home. 4.5/5 stars. GO WATCH NOW !

There's a trailer for you all (:

Friday, 25 January 2013


What's up readers ! 2 more weeks before CNY is here and have you gotten your new clothes ? If not here's one place to chosse from ! ~~ http://www.herlittlepocket.com/

Dip Dye Shorts

 I chossen this as one of the item and im super in love with it especially the blink blink studs! It can match with almost any top, a simple plain top will do perfectly.

 Close up.

Nathaniel Studded Bustier Dress

I hardly can find any white dress i like cause mostly after long wash the clothes just turn thinner, you don't want people to see what you wear below right ? This dress just got my attention when i clink the dresses.

 A nice length too too short or long.

Close up - Golden spikily studs.

Below are some clothes that i like, don't doubt mt taste :b
Black Jeans (Side View) - Her Little Pocket
Jeans  (Price: $28)

Picnic black tube top

Picnic Tube Top (@ $17)

Bird in the cage

Bird in the Cage Necklace (Price: $13)


Hurry up and get your items before all is sold out ! Enjoy shopping and have fun (: All @ http://www.herlittlepocket.com/

Monday, 21 January 2013

Sun kiss

Bikini shoot on last Sunday and that's = to more tans. So glad that it wasn;t sunny on that day if not i will really have to bleach myself sooner or later.  Everytime I bathing or go toilet and saw that v shape on my butt I just feel like crying. I used to be so fair and now I'm getting more and more tans after each bikini shoots T.T

Girls looking for pretty clothes for CNY or just wanna get new clothes ? Stay tune on my next post. xoxo'~

Friday, 18 January 2013

Not a hero

I'm always there to please people to thinking about their feelings, but come to think about it who's going care mine and please me ? I care of their morre than i care about my own and everyone started to take granted. Im a girl after all, not a super hero that would hurt and bleed. I don't want to hide in a corner and cry. I want to cry out loud and everyone making a fuss over me.

Who will think of me ? Who will really care about my feeling ? Who will tolerate all my attitude and flaws ? Who will stay by my side listen to my talks and lend me shouder when i cry ? Who will hug me and tell me everything is ok ? Who will love me ?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kiss the brightness

 Have been wanting to buy a lot of things weeks back but when i have the cash nothing caught my eyes. Now i'm broke and everything suddenly turn so damn nice making me wanting to buy them all home. Is it just me or many people having the same problem as well ?

 Got myself 2 dresses last week was feeling real please till i try them at home. 1 too short 1 too long. God~ you must be fucking joking with me right ? Planning to sell them away, anyone willing to buy from me ??? If yes i will post the pictures out. Talking about selling clothes i think it's time for me to pack some unwanted clothes. Boyfriend have been scolding me for getting tons for clothes but not wearing them. sign~

 First meet up at john's hse with jean2 days back. First lady that is taller than me at john's hse also haha !

 Steamboat with Mel and john after Jean's shoot. Craving for it since the day i woke up. Who don't love steamboat !? if they don't you can't love them as well. Hmmm~

Shall enjoy myself this weekend, beach party Saturday and Bikini group shoot this Sunday. Tans ~ more thans ~~~ Omg T.T

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Time for school

 Pikaboo ! Ok just bare with me im just trying to act you. Epic fail~ Anyway here's a short update for my yesterday shoot and im going back to hunt for movie/drama to watch.

She's apple and im strawberry ! First time working with this sweetie on our shoot. I love it when i can make friend during shoots (:

I miss my school life even though i hate studies. Most of all i miss my wushu club.

 Here are some of the pictures i received for some photographer. Check out more photos from my facebook !

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Random shot

 Chinese New year is coming in 1 more month and you know what ? Its time to get new clothes and Ang bao ! $.$ Count me a money face but who don't love it. New clothes, Yummy food and big gathers with family and friends.

 Went to Woodland with Celina 2 days back to get some piercing, It have been a while since we last outing a great day to catch up. Got myself new ear piercing after the old one closed up since last year in less than  days. And also got a Dream catcher belly stud. Mad love.

Went over to John's hse for a fun shoot.  Daddy and Jaws said i really is Tans now. i look like Malay ):

A sneak peak. Photographer- Jaws.

Planning to get new tattoo after i touch up mine next week.  Which one should i get ? Suggestion anyone ??

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Even after 15 hour of sleep i still sleep tired. Whats wrong with me man ! Ended my 3 shoot this week and 4 more up to come. Tattoo season is on 10th. Busy week and month. had my bikini shoot yesterday and yes i'm more tan. How i hate bikini shoot ): I hate tans ! But i sure had a lot of fun.

Lunch with my boy at Ion. Was kinda disappointed with the hot pot, self teriyakki is so much nicer so we have it on the second day.

Had ice cream after dinner, got boyf fav after eight. Mint with chocolater mmmm~ yummy !

Cat face wool pull over for 22 buck at Scape flee market. Super in love with the colour. I love pull over, warm and coszy (L)

Shopping trip with my boy later at town and bugis. At last i have enough money to get things i want without parent help. CNY is coming on next month, foods and red packet. $.$

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Spice start

 Sup my dear readers ! This's the very first post of 2013. Looking back i have been blogging for 5 years and till now my blog is alive after since last year when i start doing shoots. Ok i know, i have a boring blog. Some time i do ask is there even people reading my blog . After checking the stats and im so glad that there's at least 1k of readers and number is growing each months. Thankyou everyone (: I love all of you (L)

 Shoots on 1 Jan a great way to start my 2013. More shoot to come after then, looks like this year is going to be a busy and fun one !

 Photographer by Keith.

 A cute shot.

Dinner with my dear before he sent me home. Haven't been home for a nearly, mom said i can just move in boyf's house. Hahaha !