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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Hello all my dear readers, Today post will not be any other then my clothes !! After packing yesterday night then i relies i bought too much unwanted items. Some are either only worn once/twice. Some are too big or small and worst is some i buy for fun -.-! Really have to control myself but when i remember i had clear my closet , that mean new clothes coming in !!! OMG~ (hold on, i just said i have to control. ah~ fml) Ok get back to the topic. Top at $6 each yet 2 for $10 Most shorts and dresses are only $10. Hurry and grap your's cause it's first come first serve.

 Top- $6 each.

 Short - $10 each

 Dress -$10 each

 Plain tank and pearl white skirt come in black too! (safety short under) 2 for $10 All 3 @ $15
 1 for $6 Two for 10
 I love this but it's too short for me T.T Got it at $25 Letting go @ $15

 Letting go @ $15
 $25 Penning
 Letting go @ $15 (super sexy)

Pm me on Fb- http://www.facebook.com/vassthy.lveromee
or email me @ vass-thy@hotmail.com

Enjoy shopping ! (L)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Pink Candy

I know im late but hey ! Happy Valentine's to all lovely sweet couples 

Love is not about how much branded stuffs you can buy or how much love you can say. Its not a competition so don't compare. It's about how strong and understandable you're. Love is about now and forever. 

 Miss Singapore World round 1 was held on 16th Feb, Black dress and bikini outfit.

 Got this candy pink bikini last min at Bugis street cause i misplaced at John's hse (how blur can i be -.-)

 With Kikyo

With Jess

Im 11 cm taller than her ! Muahahaha~ (evil laugh)

 Cam with the babes. Pretty ladies in da house !

My pretty rose bloom 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

New year rush part 2

 3rd day went over to bai nian at Quan long hse with boyf, sky and javier.

 Brothers, all hair used to be long and now all can see forehead. Neat la sial~

 Pizza hut for dinner with them, Was kinda disappointed with the food.

 While waiting~ im bored~

They look so much nicer in photos hmmm~

Uss trip with Boyf and his whole family/relative on the 4th day of new year. My virgin trip to Uss !! Was fun and i like 1 small kid running here and there, dragging my poor darling to every corner heeh~ Stupid rain spoil the trip but we still enjoy it so yea !

 Get ready to see many photos.

 My boy's family.

I wanna get the flower one cause it's so prettyyyyy. But i scare the rain will spoil it.

 We went on our own cause boyf's granny was too old to walk like us.


Getting ready for 4D movie. Super(v)

 Far far away land.

The red roller coaster we ride. Super thumbs ups for this man ! Boyf grag me away cause i wanna ride the red one. He said give it a miss cause he could have a heart attack. Sob.

Some landscape.

 Solo picture for now.

 Stupid face ahah

 Boyf say we look alike -.-!

need a ride ?