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Sunday, 31 March 2013

FHM top 20

Greeting people ! Have you catch us girls in Dream last night ? The FHM Top 20 say Hi ~~~ (:

First meet up at club Dream last night, though that i don't have anyone i know i will be damn odd one out but guess what ? 3 of MSW is in too ! And meet new babes as well, how cool can it be in event ?!

Ended our meet up and it's time for the girls to chill and get crazy. Girls on the dance floor ~ PARTY ROCK !!!

More fan meet on 13 and 14 at MBS So be sure to catch us there alright ?! Will post out more details and hope to see you guys there ! Bye for now (:

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Busy Busy

I know alot people have been complaining that my blog is so so sooooo dead~~~ I'm so sorry guys. My destop die on me 1 month back and i have really no time to get a new one. Well is cashless to get a new one, anyone want buy for me ?? T.T

Had a number of shoots with many different photographer on the pass few weeks, so here are some shots to share. All photos belong to rightful photographer*

Black & white shot by - DGi Pixels

Fashion shoot by- Christ

Bikini shoot with Andy, yes~ this is my own photo and yes~ im 1 tone darken now.

Lingerie shoot by- Stafen

A few more bikini and lingerie shoots are coming on April nd as well and Bride grown shoot coming. So stay tune alright (:

Date with My boy (Happy 17th mth-sary ♥) And daddy John for lunch, dinner and movie. -G.I.JOE- Must watch !!!

Club Sonar for awhile before ending my day. With the long time no see babe of mine. Eileen (L)

FMH top 20 meet up tml at club Dream be there to spot me alright ! Goodnight for now. xoxo~`

Monday, 18 March 2013

Picture perfect

Back to blogger after not posting for a while, im so sorry. There's like so many things i wanna share with you guys but my stupid computer just spoild. Well~ it's a 5 years com so im not blaming it for stop working but now where can i get a cheap and good new destop or lappy ?

Back to photo shoots after a 1 month break, really i still prefer photo shoots than event jobs HAHA ! wITH

Had a 2 hr fashion shoot at mbs on 16th , First time meeting this too beautiful babes.Cecilia and Alva. 

A sneek preview.

Bikini shoot on the very following day. With  Justina, Cecilia , Alva. before Sophina came later.

Lovely ladies in da house !

With Alva, she's damn pretty cannnn~ (jealous much)

With Nana~ the sweet looking one (:

And Cecilia, the fun one and cute one (:

Some of the photos i had and check out more on my facebook !

Group photo ! Biniki party sucess !

See you soon and stay tune for more photos (:

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Falling apart

..I want someone bake me some cakes or cookies, I want someone read me a bedtime story or sing me a song, I want someone that will afraid to lose me and think I'm pretty even without make up, messy hair and childish sleep wear, I want to fussy, I want to cry over small things so I can dote by some one. I want be the little girl that every one care and worry my safety. I don't want to be great listening ears cause I want someone to be my listening ears as well. I don't want to be that kind to help every one to solve their troubles cause I have my own too. I want be normal and not a strong girl that every one though I can protect myself. I'm a girl too, I want be someone princess too. If you see carefully I'm no different from other girls.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Flower glow

Attened Amos birthday chalet on 7th and had a great catch up with some of my friends.

With huiluan

With jojo.

Do we look like S.H.E ? hahaha !

Had a last min night shoot with john, chris and 2 other john's friends. Was simple yet i love almost every shot. When to Dhoby Ghuat and Mbs, Great place for shoot and relax as well.

Love this picture due to the path of flower, dreamy, romace, girly and simple.

 Candie shot, i look damn blur and sleepy eyes but daddy say this is when he want (the feel) No idea what he talking also haha

Jumbing shot, Super in love with this and it remind me of a song 'beautiful in white' Am i Am i ?!

I wanna dance, even the world say no. love everything is this photo except my hand being chop off :x Glad that i still can do this pose after stop dancing for like 6 years ~? or more~

Photos by- John Seah.

If you love all my photos in this post do check out my facebook for more ! Stay turn as more shoots are coming up. Shall pen down for now and i still see you all on next post ! xoxo`~

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Had a simple shoot last Saturday with Aoshi Studio. Really different kind of shoot i had from my pass was fun and relaxing instead of posing and looking perfect i just have to lazy around and enjoy the music. So if you like this sneak preview so stay tune for more photos alright (:

Sushi with my dear on the very same day. Had tons of yummy food and boyf can't stop cracking his lame joke xD

Oh and people who had watch Channel U yesterday night must know that our dear Mr yong hang had enter 3rd round !! Bravo ~~~ Go yong hang !! You're the best !!

With Sexy Sasa (L)

Friday, 1 March 2013

Time travel

 Not updating this space since i started work last friday. 3 days of work at Sinagpore Expo for Natas fair 2013. My first event job !

With 3 other babes (L)

 It's real tired to stand on heels for that 3 days, event job is not easy really T.T

 Cute panda !

 A test shoot with Chirst for his first time shooting in studio.

 Fun shoot with John last night. I really love the photos ! And fyi that round light ball thingy is moon ! Im the moon princess ! (cause queen is too old xD)

It's friday today, enjoy your weekend ahead ! And Happy 1yr 3 month with my boy I love you so much (':