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Saturday, 27 April 2013

MSW event and briefing

I had a super mad and crazy destop that always dies on me every time i need it. Damn~ i need to change a new one asap ): Lets hope this post don't get delay again, too many photos to upload and so many things i want to share with you guys !
Warning* Photos spamming ahead ! Please continue to read to see more pretty ladies cheyyy~

Miss Singapore World first event held on SICC on 24th April. Having chances to meet up with the rest of the girls (:

With Kim

With Cara

Me, Priya, Kim

Kim, Cara, me, Priya

Ootd. Been awhile since i last tied up my hair, was kinda well~~ like small kid ha ! Remind me of sec school life.

The Weather was killing hot and stuffy and when ending that time it started to rain.

Team up with Priya on booth 5 (V)

Can see the colour (lighting) different from outdoor and indoor ? I think i'm 1 shade tanned (cries~)

God blessed that we had a wonderful chef with us, jokes and take care of us real well.

Thumbs up for our best chef of the day !

Our group shot. All of us was like dead beat at the end of the event but stay cause they serve such good food ! Well done ladies (:

A little peek of our booth (:

 MSW briefing today. Ootd

With the girl. Stay tune for more events and update on Miss Singapore world'13 on May & June. 40% votes will be from audiences so do support me alright !!! (L)

Dinner at Xing wang cafe in Cine with Priya, Kim and Anqi (: Foodddddd~~~

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Back to life

A good new and a bad one to share.

Ok let's start with the bad one. I din't get into FHM top 10 ): oh well, was kinda disappointed but then it was great to know the ldaies and ye i do had a lot of fun and expose. All the best to op 10 and stay tune for their next meet up at Bugis !

Good new, my destop is back to life !! Ok maybe it's a good new to me not to my readers but hey ~ i'm able to update more post and reply all mail faster !

 More photos to share

 Im so into curl hair now haha.

With Aoshi studo shoot.

 Changed the way of my make up and im glad other said i look better now (make up)

 I love every single shot for this shoot !

 Fyi im not naked under btw. you wish haah~

Got myself some shopping stuffs days back. 2 shade, a phone cover, box of mask and a pretty bracelet (:

 Casting with Anqi 2 days back. The weather is really killing me omg.

 Meet up with anqi, Jasline and Jaws Yesterday for a ice cream feast. Been age since i last saw them and after this meet up i wonder when will we meet again.


Group photo, tataa~

Stay tune for more posts and also MSW update alright ! (L)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

FHM fan meet up

Evening readers, a short update for today's cc @ Mbs expo for Tokyo Auto Salon 2013(: Not a good day to say, had a really bad fall in the morning and half of my body (left side) is cover with blue blacks and swollen up. I have to force myself to stand in heels and smile, really hurt and my photos tune out suck (fml~)

But i really enjoy myself with the ladies although every other things suck. You girls were great and lovly (L)

Short interview of us and off we went down to play a mini game. We have to take photos with people using our own phone in 15 min and the most photos win. I feel so damn lost in the middle hahaha !

Candid shot by Edwin.

With Mel (:

With Edwin (:

I seem like faking the smile due to the pain but im glad its over now haha ! !5th will be the announce of top 10 so stay close to find out who got in alright (:

A peek of what's coming up, Le bride is hungry so she went 7/11 to buy chips ! xD