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Sunday, 30 June 2013


Attended MSW clothes fitting today and had some great fun and catch up with my ladies (:

Im starting to lost interest in blogging. Come on people do leave a message down or comment on my post let me know what you think i should post.. Have a great weekend ahead and stay tune on July for tons for event from Miss Singapore World !

I know a lot of my shoot photos turn out to be in unwanted place and some even saying I'm selling my body for money. Look here people. I work with ptg I know for lingerie shoots and every photo Posted out is with water mark. Those people took the photos and crop away the watermark and some even photoshop theirs ! Making clean here I DON'T sell my body for money or either do I take nude shoots.I'm not angry or what but just making clear what I did and what I wouldn't. Fake profile are everywhere and do think before you speak or type anything nasty. Thankyou. (: 

Saturday, 15 June 2013


 Catch Man of steel with dear yst night. Thumbs up for it, superman's hot hahah !

 Been working at Sonar since Wed, so do come down support me every Wed-Thur alright ! Cheers (:

Updating this space awhile, its rotting~ Bye !

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rush hour

A short update. Rest a lot on April and May preparing myself for upcoming June event. Will be having camp for Miss Singapore world and some other events as well. No more lazying around time to get shoots and do some shopping for GSS. Damn~ im broke ):

 Drop by at far east plaza to meet my darling Mikko

 Le brother and sister love.

 Oh yea got a few clothes and yes im wearing one of it in this photo. The kid side of me (cause its better than saying childish)

Did a few shopping but sadly not for myself. I miss shopping time !!!

Happy 1 yr 6th mth with my cuteie boy on May 29 ! I love you sweetheart (L)

Hope everyone enjoy your weekend and have a good day !

Bye~~~~ xoxo~`