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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hello Kitty fanatics

Big fan for Hello kitty ? Or seeking a perfect gift for girlfriends and female friends ?
Checkout the latest blog shop in town that contain mobile casing  of Iphone 4,4s,5 / S3,4 Note 2, accessories and wallet that are all related to Hello kitty !

(drumroll~~~**) Hello Kitty fanatics aka HKF

Great new is they are having limited time Promotions !! and on top of that they are having FREE postage till 31st July !

Visit their Blog @ http://tookitty4you.blogspot.sg/
And like their page @ https://www.facebook.com/HelloKittyFantasies

Luxury Hello Kitty Diamond Bling Case

 Now:$25! (u.p)$42.90
For iphone4,4s,5

Plush Cat 3D Case Cover
Now;$22.90 (u.p) $35.90
For S2,3/Note,2/iphone4,4s,5

Hello Kitty Flip Diary
Now;$32.90! (u.p) $59.90
For S2,3/Note,2/iphone4,4s,5

For more cover please click here --> http://tookitty4you.blogspot.sg/p/blog-page.html

Crystal necklace
Now:$15! (u.p)$19.90
Up to 7 colours to choose from !

Lovey Charm Necklace
Now:$15! (u.p)$19.90
For more Accessories please clickhere--> http://tookitty4you.blogspot.sg/p/accessories.html 
For any Question you may contact them @ http://tookitty4you.blogspot.sg/p/questions.html
Happy shopping ! (L)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

MSW short update

Sorry for not updating this blank space of mine. I'm trying real hard to dig out some extra time for a proper post but it always fall to ): Miss World Singapore is happening soon around the corner. Final will held on 28th July at Pan Pacific hotel !
And guys ! Do me a favour by liking my photo for Miss Popularity !

 Mv shooting with the ladies for Tok Tok Tok.

Photo shoots with the ladies.

Stay tune for a proper update after the final, hoping there's more time to do one. For now Byeeeeee~ (L)

Monday, 8 July 2013


I know my photos (shoots or self taken) Are in dirty web and stuffs. (can't be bother much) I mean so what if i complain and ask them to remove ? They will just keep posting and some even crop away the cr water mark and put in their's. (faint*) Im not let this things to affect my mood or life. Mouth and brain is your's. Contiune saying rude things or putting words in my mouth. Its Meh feeling ~ (wink) Don't really wanna do this post but since im ask to voice out so here goes nothing. I would like to ask a few question~ Does a girl wearing tight dress bothering you ? Does a girl having male friends bothering you ? Does a girl have piercing bothering ? Does a girl wear what kind of bra bothering you ? Does a girl have a bf or not bothering you ? I have alot of question but i will just keep it short (oh well) Ok now ask yourself, does a peoson bothers you ? If no then why so kpo ? If not yes then you need a doctor, you think too much my friend. So what im taking bikini and lingerie shoots ? So what i have pirceing ? So what im attacted ? Does this make me a ? The answer is NO ! Im happy and confident with my own body, yes im skinny (too skinny) but that's my body you care so much for ? And worst part is i saw someone posted -All FHM girls come out stand one- HELLO SIR or MDM are you freaking out of your mind ? It's Fhm it's hot and sexy, not bitching and slutty. It stands for For Him Magazine when girls are in Bikini or lingerie NOT NUDE. Do you know that you can get sue for saying that ? If you don't now you know (: