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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last drop of 2013

Time flies like a speed of light and now we are at the last day of 2013. I will not say 2013 is the best or worst year ever cause each year given us new things to learn and new people to meet.

But i will definitely say 2013 is the year i understand how curl this world could be and how strong sisterhood can support each other. I'm so glad i met girls in sonar that lend us to what we are now, tears, jokes, laugher and even anger. Each and every memories are the best gifts i had in 2013 (:

Here by i wish each and everyone have a great new year to start with, say bye bye to 2013 and hello to 2014 ! Drop down by Sonar if you have no plans yet for count down hehe~
Last but not least, have fun have a great count down, dont get too drunk and ofcos for those who drive don't drink. See you all on 2014 updates (L)

  • New year
  • New people
  • New things
  • New happiness
  • New disappointments
  • New chance

Saturday, 21 December 2013

19th Birthday

I'm 19 ! Ermm passed like 2 weeks back ? Hahaha~ not any special but oh well it's still counted a event for me xD  Thanks each and everyone for coming down even it's so last min and those lovely who brought me present. Love you guys so much (L)

Bday Surprise part 1 - 
Thanks for all the cards for all friends for Sonar and own friends. I CANT BELIEVE YOU GUYS WROTE CARD FOR ME !!! Girls, band, waitress, flower girls, bouncer. (Hugs*) 

Surprise part ll-
Cake design by my dearest baobei Irene ! First time in my life someone drawn a bday cake for me. Omg ~~~ Its come with strawberries as well !

Surprise part lll -
A huge yellow bear by Ben ! He name it Sunshine cause when ever im sad, there's always be sunshine around. Awww~

Really have to thanks this handsome dude for preparing such awesome bday party for me, surprise me with all present and even prepare food for us ! (L)

Bday girl = Me !!!!!

The lovelies of my life. Thanks for coming down and though-out working in Sonar you girls are always there to take care and helping me. Im so glad i met you girls and let wish all the best in the future ! Flower many many huat ah~~~!!

Baby sufang

Baobei Irene

Mommy Simone !

Sweet Eileen

Cute Des

With Marcus

Bennnnnnnn~ The joys

Photo time-

I had a wonderful and warm bday in my 19 yrs of life. I love you guys so much. Thanks for making my day a successful one. Especially Ben & sonar dancers 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Inked Pastelx

Bigger Brighter eyes ?




I'm never a spect person so to me lens are really important. Having a good pair of lens attract people to your eyes. And what's more Inked Pastelx is having great prices !

 Normally LUXURY LENS and Brabie Len cost around 15^ bucks ? Cheapest i seen so far will be $11 ? Inked Pastelx are selling 

LUXURY LENS - $8.50/pair

SUPER BARBIE - $10/pair

*Purchase 2pairs & more $9

Batch 2 will be closing on 16th Dec. Hurry and grab your lens @  http://www.shopinkedpastelx.blogspot.sg/p/luxury-lens.html !

A little surprise, they do sell Apparels, Shoes, Bags and many others as well !  Have fun shopping !(wink*)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A new life. A new start. A new beginning.

A new life. A new start. A new beginning. 

Dec my bday month. praying everything will be better since i had a fuck up nov. (finger cross*)