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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Palawan Beach trip.

Been a while seen last hit the beach and get close to the sun. Off to Palawan Beach. with dear. 

Wearing bikini just for show, i dont even swim !

Wonderful shots by le boy (:

Ji emo yi xia ~~~

Loving m hair colour while it faded from red to pink. Almost the same clolour as my bikini (laugh~(

Of cos how can i forgot the camara man of all my shots. Handsome and cute uh ! Just a little fat, dear~ you need to slip down. (Tsk~)


And now, the food~

Somehow im glad that he did most of the cooking (99%) Feeling like a princess (L)

Friday, 7 February 2014

Embellir-Bag Shop- Sponsorship review.

Hello Readers! 

Are you a bag lover like me ? Believing that a good fashionable bag which is well made can last the stormy weathers with you ?

Or do you wanna get a perfect Valentine's day gift for that other half ?  Troubling that it will not reach on time ? 

WORRY NOT!!!! (estimated 1 week for shipping)

Ok. Here's a little advice to the gentlemen's out there. In every present you give to your special one, definitely you would love to include the element of surprise as well. 

With Embellir quick services, I am very sure you can trick your "Half" into believing that you had totally forgotten about her birthday or anniversary.  

I humbly present to you.......

-   Embellir-Bag Shop   -

Embellir-Bag shop is a Blog-shop based and originated in Japan. 

Can't read Japanese ? FEAR NOT! They have kindly provided English translation on their website as well.

The one I had gotten is this pretty red one ^^
It's size fits me perfectly as it is neither too huge to lug it around or too small to fit my daily necessities.
Here is the link to the page with more further details about the bag!
**FYI  > I can fit a pair of heels in it with room to spare for other items! (:

Look at me staring into space as I set my eyes on the bag, somehow making me feel like I'm falling in love all over again ^^ HAHA
Such a seductive bag isn't it ?
Other then this gorgeous bag, in their shop, they sell Men's bag and wallets as well! 
**LADIES!! > Why not get your MAN a new wallet or bag for valentine this year ? HAHA
**Links attached below**

Shop Categories

SOOoooOOooOOoo..... This is what happens when you place an order from Embellir-Bag Shop.
Please note their working hours!
Business hours
10:00~18:00 Japan time
They accept orders 24 hours.
The answer to your confirmation and inquiries mails that they receive on regular holidays, they will respond you from the next business day.

**These are the few listed ways you can make your payment**


Payment Options:

Credit Card

Both credit card and debit card with VISA / MasterCard brand logo are accepted.



Use your current PayPal account to make a payment in multiple currencies.Pay for purchases in your selected currency.Payment is automatically converted to your desired currency.

Shipping Options:


Your order is shipped to you via Yamato. We aim to have your items shipped to you at the earliest possible date (or upon requested date) after payment confirmed.


Your order is shipped to you via SingPost. We aim to have your items shipped to you at the earliest possible date (or upon requested date) after payment confirmed.

Return Policy

Any return or refund will not be accepted once order confirmation e-mail is sent out.

If you find any defectives, please inform us.

Lovely Photos shot by my one and only boy boy (: 
Thank you baby ben! Muacks ^^

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cny updates

Happy Chinese new year dear readers (: Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday !



2 best part of cny, the goodies. Yummmmm 

And of cause red packet ! Money Money Money $.$

Spend this year cny count down at Sonar working instead of going out squeezing with people to see fireworks. Sonar is like a 2nd home for me (': Spend my first day at home sleep.


Cny 2st day #ootd

3rd day #ootd

Steamboat at my aunt house along with my family and dear (:

And of cause how can i not have a dating time with my boy on this special days (:

And of cause Happy birthday to my sweetie pie (L) This year is a fail planning for you i will try harder next time xD Hope you enjoy the little card and dinner. I love you 

Fooddddddd ~ Birthday dinner with le boy and Marcals. Happy belated birthday btw (:

My stupid boy (^3^)

你无法叫醒一个装睡的人, 也无法感动一个不爱你的人。