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Thursday, 27 March 2014


Last mth shoot with Zerocool. Thanks for the beautiful photos (L)

Been buried myself in work from start of the month. Really need a break maybe a short get away ? Still haven't do my passport yet T.T


Monday, 3 March 2014

Garden by the Bay

Garden by the bay with dear. First time to there although i wanna go so badly after a long time. Thanks sweetie for making this wish came true (:

The weather is as hot as hell when we reach. Grab a few photos before making our way to places with air-con.

The Falls. Pretty man made "water fall'  

Being to The bay was like a dream to me, i'm pretty much a flower person not to say when you have thousand and millions for flower surrounding you. Gosh heaven ~~~

  Ren zhen de nan ren hao you mei li (L)

Other then the flower shoots i get mine too ^^

So does my boy

Selfie with love

Lastly a couple shot for both of us after a long walk and tired day (:

I will be backkkkkkkkkkkkk~