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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Went to Uss days back along with le boy few days back. 2nd time to there where by Ben was a cave man haha ! Bet our ass there at 3pm super mad sun by still we get to enjoy ourself (: Sadly the roller coaster was not open but to people who never been there do take the mummy and transformer rides ! Double thumbs up for those 2 !

Actually both of us are super tired due to i worked the night before and Ben is sweet enough to pick me after work. Though of dropping the idea to go but Ben cant stop paster me to go. His virgin trip xD

Snap snap

This Unicorn it's so fluffy ! i'm going to die !!!


Got ourself each a arm candy. I got neon pink ! Stupid boy insist put our name in script font ended my name look like Othy -.-


Just in time for the monster musical show at 5.20pm. It's super good ! If i'm not wrong they have 3 set each day at 2.30 3.40 and 5.20pm. MUST WATCH !!!

Each set lasted about 20-30 mins. The dancer and singer are really awesome. Claps claps*

He's crazy~ Shake head*

Tired smile.

Had our dinner at Wave house then move Mambo beach club to chill. The nice is so pretty (:

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Been running around Singapore like a 小游客 for the pass 1 week plus. Food everywhere so please if you're hungry now don't scroll down.

First question popping in your head 'Will she fat ?' Yes, i gain weight. No i'm on diet so please~ stop saying im.

Enough of food let's get some #selfie of #ootd
I'm vain (meh~)

Stay tune for updates on river safari, Garden by the by and 2 degree ice. Good news to share, got myself a camera so that means~ no more hand-phone pictures ! clap clap* 

End with a selfieeeeee. I love my little pony shirt !