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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review on J7 Image

If you're looking for friendly and professional and most importantly worth the price for everything for your hair. Continue reading.

 Here's a short update on J7 Image Salon review for my new hair colour. 

Started off with dull red hair, as you can see my pink dye wear off quite badly since 2 months back but i hardly find any salon that have powder based dye so when i know they have i was jumping around and shouting ok ! i'm so going. (My pink powder based lasted me up to 4-5 mths*)

This time is purpleeee~ Purple is a mixed colour from red and blue so if you have bleached there's a high chances you will get up to 3 colours and i was wayyyy to lucky to get mine. Scroll down***

Tattaaaaah ~~~~ ok maybe not on a black shirt. Look carefully and you will find up to 4 colours.

Finally picture. I have neon pink on my right, wine red on the left, maroon on the center and 2 tone purple on the bottom. Madness or what ?! I'm a midnight pony !

Special thanks to Cheryl Kwek for my awesome hair. Like her page @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheryl-Kwek-Page/624031444293377

 Do call and book appointment before head down
Number: 8333 5631

Quote Vass'thy for up to 10% off !

Details on 7J Image-

Phone6735 5195

They are close on the 7th each month. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

EWF & Paris Baguette

It's book out day for love ! 2 days date with tons of food and shopping ! Going start day job this coming Monday, last day job was like 2 yrs ago ? Will be working at bugis street 3rd floor (Wix cube) Drop by say hi !

While watching for our movie (Transformer) to start but first ~ it's filling the tummy on the rush.

Everything With Fries

200 Victoria Street
#04-05 Bugis Junction

Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 11am - 10pm
                        Fri, Sat, PH Eve 12pm - 1030pm

Tel: 6338 0135

Chicken salad for me and 1 egg soup for love. Trying to lose some baby fats on the cheek. Too lazy for work out so i guess lesser meat and more vegetable shall help (wink*)

Trying to be artistic, kinda fail -.-

Stupid face was given by him cause he was talking to me and my reply was "orh, huh, stares*'"
Still love you la ok ? HUGs*

Paris Baguette 

#01-32 Tampines Mall Singapore
Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Telphone: (65) 67437383

Brunch in one of my favorite (cafe?) Check out all those breadssssss (drool~)

And of cause cakes.

Royal pudding and sweet bacon wrap to be starter of the meal, too good to be true.

Who don't love eggs and bacon ?? OMG~ i want moreeeeeeeee

I have totally no idea what does this call, sweet boyfriend order this for me. It's under the 'All-day long breakfast' menu but please remember that they only serve from 10am -  6pm daily (for the breakfast) .

Filling- sweet cheese with chopped ham and tomato cubes.